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Real K-Beauty Product Recommendations: All About The Lips!

Hi all, I’m back with another Real K-Beauty Product Recommendations article… and it’s all about the lips this time!! I feel like lips are an area where Korean style makeup and American style makeup differ most dramatically, so this will be an interesting article to read ☺.

Although both Korean and U.S. lip products have diversified so much now, I still feel like glosses and liquid lipsticks—the dramatic two ends of lip products—are more popular in the U.S., while lip tints and semi-matte to moist lipsticks tend to be worn more in Korea. In this article, I’ll be introducing several lip tints and lipsticks that are all the rage right now!

Lip Tints

Just in case you’re not familiar with lip tints, these are lip products that leave a stain on your lips, therefore making the color last longer!

  1. Forencos Tattoo Clair Velvet Tint

More than 4.5 million Forencos lip tints have been sold so far—it is easily one of Korea’s favorite lip tints. It has a #1 ranking in sales on OliveYoung, the Koreans’ Sephora. What made this product so famous is its long-lasting stain—hence its name “tattoo”—which goes on for more than 24 hours without budging. The fact that it has 41 colors and comes with the prettiest packaging doesn’t hurt, either! 

  1. Etude House Fixing Tint

This is an item that gained popularity post-COVID, as people started looking for a product that doesn’t transfer to a mask—it won the 2021 Glowpick Consumer Beauty Awards in “Best Lip Tint” category. The Etude House Fixing Tint is famous for its lightweight yet pigmented application—people say it goes on like a thin sheet —and never transferring anywhere once it’s fixed! I’ve heard that they recently added two more colors; check them out!

  1. Wakemake Water Blurring Tint

This is many youtubers’ (and my) holy grail! It was released quite recently, and true to its name, “water blurring”, it goes on like water, so it’s really easy to apply. And, when it dries, it “blurs” your lips, almost like a filter! If you’ve ever looked at swatches of lip products and wondered how their lips look so perfect and velvety, try this product out—you won’t regret it! 


  1. Etude House Better Lips Talk

This lipstick was revealed to be the top #1 lipstick of all beauty youtubers in Korea from a survey. The interesting thing about this lipstick is that it comes in 2 textures—velvet line and moisture line—so you can choose depending on how dry your lips usually are; it also comes in 30+ colors so it gives you a lot of choice. It glides on easily and stays put, so I can see why it would be a staple to many people;while it might not be the most innovative product, it’s a good lipstick!

  1. Hera Sensual Powder Matte

This lipstick was nationally sold out for a long time after one Youtuber made a video about this Hera lipstick, especially in the shade Pampas. It is a universally flattering warm beige that can go with any makeup look, and people were struggling to get the last ones left in stock. But good news, it’s not sold out anymore! :)  Even aside from Pampas, everyone agrees that all the shades were so well chosen, they’re all very beautiful, unique shades. The lipstick itself is like a matte liquid lipstick with slight moisture that doesn’t dry out your lips, so go get yours!
I hope you enjoyed this article about the top trending lippies in Korea! As Pat McGrath once said, you never know when you will find your perfect lipstick unless you keep experimenting, so go try these out! After all, one can never have too many lipsticks ☺.

Cathryn Kim

Williams '24

Hi! My name is Cathryn and I’m from Seoul, South Korea. I am a rising sophomore at Williams College, undecided about my major but interested in Economics and Biology. I love cosmetics, photography, fashion, food and traveling!
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