Our Honest Opinion: Camelback Travel Mug

I never used to carry a water bottle around with me before I came here, but as all Ephs know, Nalgenes, Camelbaks, and other reusable drinking vessels abound on campus. I got a water bottle last spring—it’s purple and clear, and it’s great for carrying water at the gym, but it doesn’t cut it for hot beverages. This wasn’t a problem during summer, since I generally try to avoid hot drinks when it’s warmer outdoors than in, but now that fall is upon us, I’ve found myself in need of an eco-friendly way to take my morning Goodrich to lecture. This is where the Divide mug came in clutch.

I started out using it for water, since it was a little hot and humid for a latte in mid-September when I got it. I like the push-button opening—you push the button, it pulls the cover off the opening, and the water flows in a rivulet down the mouthpiece to your mouth, so it’s great for sipping, especially in a moving vehicle. I have managed to spill water all over myself with every single open-lid water bottle I’ve ever tried to drink from in a car, but this one is Emily-proof. It also has a little catch to hold the cover open for more frequent sipping, if you so desire. It’s leak-proof, so I feel comfortable putting it in my backpack. It works well for hot beverages too. It’s insulated, so it keeps my coffee hot all morning but doesn’t feel uncomfortably hot on my hands (looking at you, paper coffee cups). I like that it helps me eliminate paper and plastic waste from my coffee habit and doesn’t require me to hunt for a recycling bin whenever I happen to finish it. For tea, the screw-on/off top will hold your teabag by the string so you can get it out without having to touch anything soggy. 

It’s also by far the most stylish and streamlined water bottle/travel mug I have ever had the privilege of owning. The only con I can think of is: I put juice in it once, and even though I rinsed it out with hot water and dish soap and wiped it with a paper towel, the juice taste remained for several days afterwards, so I’ve learned my lesson there. Don’t put juice in it, and always wash it out thoroughly (this goes for any reusable drink container)! 

You can get the Forge Divide 16oz Insulated Travel Mug from Camelbak for $20. It holds a Grande at Starbucks, should you ever exit the Purple Bubble with this mug in tow, and it has a loop so it can be attached to a backpack with a carabiner, although it also fits in my backpack’s side pocket. It’ll keep your drink the temperature it started at, which will be a very necessary function this winter. I definitely recommend this mug, which works and is beautifully designed, plus using it instead of my purple one makes me feel more like an actual grownup.