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My Top Five Bath & Body Works Scents

With a seemingly endless amount of options and special deals every other day, it’s so easy to get lost at Bath & Body Works. As a loyal customer of Bath & Body Works, I have tried everything from Pink Fairy Gumdrop to Stargazing Meditation. Through trial and error I have discovered five fail-safe scents, listed below (in no particular order):

  1. Japanese Cherry Blossom

Bath & Body Works describes this scent as, “A graceful blend of Japanese Cherry Blossom, Asian pear, fresh mimosa petals, white jasmine & blushing sandalwood.” Ever since I received a Japanese Cherry Blossom gift set in 2008, it’s been my most common Bath & Body Works purchase. There is a reason why this classic is one of their most popular scents. It is floral, fruity, and feminine without being overpoweringly sweet. I recommend it in the fine fragrance mist or body cream. If you’re trying to find the perfect Secret Santa gift, congratulations because you’ve found it! 

  1. Dahlia

This scent is a combination of “A beautiful blend of dahlia petals, crisp pear & praline.” I was recently introduced to this amazing scent courtesy of Bath & Body Works Black Friday deal, and it quickly became my new favorite body mist -- and overall scent. It has a delicate floral scent that is somehow juicy and creamy. This scent makes anyone feel beautiful and independent. It’s subtle enough for class and sexy enough for a date - the truly perfect everyday scent. 

  1. Chamomile Bergamot 

This scent is simple and pure, consisting of “Bergamot Essential Oil and Chamomile Essential Oil.” I tried it for the first time as a single-wick candle and I loved it so much that when it ran out I bought the larger three-wick version. It is so soothing with light herbal and refreshing citrus tones. It’s part of the Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy line for good reason. Whenever I feel stressed or overwhelmed, I just light up this candle and take deep breaths. I especially love falling asleep to the calming scent of chamomile and bergamot.

  1. Cactus Blossom

This luscious scent is described as, “A sweet, crisp blend of cactus flower petals, sun-kissed coconut & vanilla.” This scent perfectly captures what you want to smell like on the beach in the summer. Clean and refreshing, the floral notes are complemented with sweet coconut and vanilla. I highly recommend the fine fragrance mist and super smooth body lotion versions. Perfect for days when you want to imagine yourself enjoying vacation on a tropical island.

  1. Mahogany Teakwood 

My final scent on this list is made up of “Rich Mahogany, Black Teakwood, Dark Oak, Frosted Lavender with Essential Oils.” This is the only “masculine” scent on my list, but it has earned its spot for a good reason. If you’re not a fan of floral or feminine scents, this is the perfect neutral woodsy scent. It reminds me of men’s cologne but in the best way possible -- what you wished men smelled like. I love lighting the candle in an open space because it is a powerful scent. Perfect for when you’re hosting dinner or a get-together and you want your house to smell divine. 


Regardless of whether you’re trying out a fine fragrance mist, three-wick candle, wallflower or body lotion, Bath & Body Works won’t let you down. Part of the fun is in experimenting with and discovering your favorite scents, but if you want guidance on where to start then I would recommend the scents on this list!


Kayla Han

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Hi y'all! My name is Kayla Han and I am from Pflugerville, Texas. I am currently a junior at Williams college with a double major in History and Studio Art. My interests include studying at Tunnel, appreciating good weather (when we have it), and missing my non-existent dog.
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