Light Up Your Dorm With This Easy Christmas Decor

Liven up your room this finals season with some Holiday cheer using these Christmas dorm decor ideas!


  1. Wrapping Paper Door - cover your door in a holiday wrapping paper. To spice it up even more you can add ribbon and a bow!


  1. Mini Tree - There are mini trees as cheap as $8 that you can add cute mini ornaments to!


  1. Tree skirt - Along with the mini tree, choose a cute fabric to cut in a circular pattern and place under your tree.

  1. Paper snowflakes - Hang them from your ceiling, string them on a colorful twine, put them on your window, there are lots of ways to get creative with paper snowflakes and lots of cool designs to play around with. Put them anywhere and everywhere!


  1. Stockings - You can make your own out of construction paper or felt or fabric, or you can buy cheap ones at the dollar store. So many options for decoration!


  1. Lights - Twinkle lights, icicle lights, any lights! Just lots of them!


7. Ornaments - Hang ornaments to add some fun color to your room.