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How to Save Major $$$ this Holiday Season

Now that the holidays are rolling around, online shopping for yourself (and others!) can be especially tempting. With discounted shipping costs and holiday-themed promo codes on just about every site you browse, it’s hard not to want to shop. As a college student with very little income coming in regularly, I have become frugal with my money and very rarely spend it on anything that is not absolutely necessary. However, when I do decide to splurge and treat myself and those around me during the holidays, I always look for ways to save $$$ and get the most bang for my buck. Both Unidays and Honey are apps that have helped me do this, and really saved me and my wallet.


If you love clothes, you need to download Unidays. Unidays is an app that gives you student discount codes for a ton of websites including ASOS, Adidas, Pacsun, and H&M. Although many of their partnered sites are clothing stores, Unidays also has promo codes for websites such as LimeCrime, Samsung, Bed Bath & Beyond, and even Costco. Whether you are looking to save on a new pair of shoes or a new phone, Unidays is an amazing app to have and is super useful. This app requires a one-time login where you indicate your school and other basic information, and from there you’re good to go! Definitely check out this app before you make an online purchase, because you never know where you can save. They also frequently add new companies that they are partnering with, so I would recommend checking out the app every few weeks and keeping an eye out for your favorite brands.



Honey is an add-on that you can download to your laptop/pc that automatically scans websites for coupon codes as you shop. I first heard about Honey from one of my favorite YouTubers Remi Ashten, and I have been using it ever since. Since hearing about it on her channel, many YouTubers and Influencers have started plugging the extension in their content, so if it sounds familiar, this is why. If you haven’t already taken their word for it, I vouch for this add-on as well. Honey is so easy to use, and there is seriously no reason not to have it on your browser. After downloading it, there isn’t really anything else to it. It mostly just lives in the background of your browsing until you come across a website with an online shopping component. I have used Honey to save on websites like Bath and Body Works, and even on Amazon, where I have used the cool price drop feature the add-on has which tells me the best time to buy a product to ensure I get it for the lowest price. I’ll say it again, there is seriously no reason to not have this!


I know that I will definitely be relying on Unidays and Honey to complete a lot of my holiday shopping this year, and you should too. These apps are so helpful when it comes to saving money, and I just want every college student out there to know about these resources before purchasing anything online. Happy shopping!


Elba Obregon

Williams '21

Elba Obregon is a senior at Williams College who is originally from New York City. She is an American Studies major, and a Latina Studies concentrator. When she isn't writitng for HerCampus, Elba can be found making sure the HC Williams chapter is running smoothly as CC this year!
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