The Hair Issue

Dear Her Campus Higher Ups,

Her Campus stays blessin’ its Williams College chapter. In our most recent box, we received razors and sunscreen, which came in clutch because summer is almost here. And, the good old puffy eye serum was awesome because finals season and Williams neverending midterm season are indeed tough times. But, I think you might have your demographics all messed up when it comes to some of the other products you are sending. Every time a new box arrives, I get so excited! But, when the hair products get handed out I am severely disappointed. I can’t use any of it! It’s all volumizing sprays and anti-frizz products, which I am sure the ladies with light, stringy or frizzy hair really appreciate but I’m kinda tired of it. I don’t want to sound ungrateful, especially since we get some sweet stuff but someone has to complain I guess.  I am concerned about whether you are taking the racial makeup of your chapters into account. Because in our last meeting one-half of the members were women of color. I don’t remember getting asked about my race when registering on the site and I don’t know if our campus correspondent is asked to report information like that so maybe that piece of info is unknown to you guys. So I thought, maybe the products we receive is dictated by the college’s demographics. Even so, we are a pretty diverse college, with about 40% of students being minority students, so I don’t think you are looking at those stats either because the products we receive still are not reflecting these statistics. This leads me to believe that maybe diversity on campuses and having diversity in products is not something that’s considered heavily. That really sucks. :(  Her Campus Williams is really grateful for the awesome stuff we receive and the thought taken to make sure the products in the boxes coincide with the seasons and the things we might need based on the time of year. But, many of us already have hair with enough volume, something a little more moisturizing would be greatly appreciated though. Oh, and to complement the sunscreen in the summer, some moisturizing lotion and vaseline would make the brutal Berkshire winters a whole lot better. 


Lots of love,        



P.S. Maybe lighten up on the tanning towelettes.