Get Outside! Williamstown Edition


Have you ever been sitting in Sawyer, drowning in work, absolutely miserable,  and you raise your head to look out at the beautiful landscape right outside the window? I’m sure that this has happened to almost everyone reading this article. Well, the next time this happens, here’s my advice to you: GET OUTSIDE! 


If you have a car, a friend with a car, or even your own two feet, you need to take advantage of the beauty we have right at our fingertips around Williamstown. (And if you’re someone with limited resources, I would recommend looking into getting a Zipcar membership). 


I’ll start you guys off with three sites of recommendation:


  1. Bee Hill Road in Williamstown. A quick drive on a dirt road takes you to a quaint little overlook pictured below. It takes 30 minutes (tops) out of your schedule -- a must visit!  

(Photo Taken by CC Wallin)


  1. Mount Greylock! How lucky are we that the highest point in Massachusetts (3,491 feet to be exact) is just 30 minutes away from our campus? The winding drive up the mountain builds excitement and, once you reach the top, a new found appreciation for this little gem of an area. A cute date idea or just to hang out with a group of friends! AND there’s an observatory at the top with a stunning view!

(Photo Taken by CC Wallin)

Go to the Clark. I can’t stress this enough. I spent my whole freshman year not knowing about how special this place was … And it is within walking distance of our campus. When you visit, it feels like you are taking yourself back in time, sitting by the pond and doing homework on a nice day, watching the cows graze up on the hill. Plus, you can hike up Stony Hill. I did it this year at night on Friday the 13th (and a full moon) … Spooky and fun! Enjoy the dark and blurry picture (for now… you’ll just have to see for yourself in person).