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Five Makeup Tips from My Influencer Bestie for a Night Out

  1. Wash your face and use primer

Having a fresh face is essential for any successful makeup look. As my bestie always says,“In order to create a masterpiece, you need a clean canvas.” How do you create a clean canvas, you ask? You choose the perfect primer. My friend recommends the Fenty Beauty Pro Filter Hydrating Primer Fenty. Hydration is very important because you need makeup to sit well on your face. We don’t want a cakey and cracked canvas. 

  1. Use powder before foundation

My bestie recommends using a thin layer of Laura Mercier translucent powder before applying foundation. Like she said, “If you’re planning on drinking and dancing a lot, you need to make sure your foundation sits well when you start sweating!” If you use this tip, your foundation won’t begin to cake as much when you begin to sweat. Also, it helps produce a more glowy look than putting powder on after your foundation! 

  1. Set your eyes! 

Setting your concealer with a little bit of loose powder typically helps your concealer last all night. Not only does this give you more coverage, but it also looks great in pictures!

  1. Extend your concealer

Instead of only applying concealer directly under your eye, drag your concealer up to the side of your temple with your beauty blender. This will give you a natural lift by illuminating the area above your cheek bones. Also, my bestie recommends applying highlighter toward the ends of your cheek bones, on the tip of your nose, in your inner eye, and under your eye brows. She  says this will “make you an automatic girl boss.” 

  1. Dramatic eyes!

Dramatic eye makeup is perfect for a night out! For your eye shadow, my friend recommends following the same path as your concealer. In order to do this, you should use a brush to keep blending your eyeshadow outwards and upwards once you have applied it. Along with tip #4, this will help you achieve a foxy, natural lift! Another one of her tips is to use white eyeliner to make your eyes seem larger. 

If you follow these tips, you are guaranteed to look stunning and have an incredible night out. Stay tuned for more tips from my influencer bestie! 

My name is Allison Frison, and I'm a senior at Williams College. I'm the editor for the Williams chapter of Her Campus and am interested in writing about life on campus and current events. I play volleyball and am majoring in English and Political Science.
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