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Fall Into Winter With These Winter Essentials

Use these Winter essentials to survive another blistering cold winter in New England.

1. Stay hydrated. Pick up the bottle and bottoms up! A lot of people forget that even though you might not be sweating outside anymore you’re still going to have to drink as much of your body weight in litres. This is so helpful when you think you’re getting light-headed in class, your lips start to get chapped, your face starts to peel, or you’re just feeling straight up sluggish. Water is perhaps the most underrated and abundant resources on earth, so take advantage!!

2. Invest in a few good sweaters. There’s only so many layers you can throw on without turning your getting ready routine into a workout. Buy some fleece lined sweaters from Nordstrom or TJMaxx and save yourself the effort of bulking up with twenty pieces. Pro tip: dress it up or dress it down with accessories or a scarf.

3.Think about which fragrances you like during the cold and buy a ton of body sprays and candles. If your school isn’t okay with candles in the dorms for fire safety reasons, invest in some potpourri (pronounced “popery” – but not the same as the word that means doctrines and teaching of the pope).

4. Nail colors are underrated and should be paid attention to especially in the Winter. Cold season is the time to protect your hands with gloves and keep them cozy. Decorate them with egg shell white essie polish, a deep auburn from opi, or a warm red. As minute as these details might be, they can give you a little boost of happiness in an otherwise grey and chilly day.

5. Wake up and start the day with a few happy mantras. Sometimes trying out a new philosophy can be a refreshing thing and exactly what you need. Living day by day following the same agenda can get mundane and leave you in a rut that might be more destructive than you think. Change is good, and a change of season can motivate you to try this out. This applies to people who are ones to try avocado chili ice cream over the conventional chocolate chip. The same ones who scroll through the lifestyle section on cosmo or her campus. Another important point, revising a daily routine can really refuel someone who can suffer from the annual seasonal depression disorder. It might not be for everyone, but it definitely can help a few people.

6. Choose a favorite spot on campus to flurry watch. Sometimes students like to take root in a corner of the library or a coach in a common room. Stake out prime real estate, preferably a spot with a really good view and wide windows, to curl up with apple cinnamon tea and a good book. Life is good, so enjoy it when nature gifts you with snowflakes.

7. Most importantly, get in the habit of folding your essential like gloves, scarf and hat, that way you can keep a better track on what you’ve already worn and need to wash. On the same wavelength, consistently making your bed in the morning can declutter the mind and make a huge difference in the cleanliness of a room. Plus, if you have really cute beading, what better way to show it off with some fluffed pillows and taught sheets?

Stay Calm and Keep Winterin’ On!

Nica is a Senior at Williams College majoring in Biology and taking pre-medical courses. She is a member of Ritmo Latino and GQ A cappella. Her passions include public health, reading, and yoga.
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