Colourpop Lip Products: A Couple of Favorites

If you haven’t heard of Colourpop, where have you been the last 5 years? This brand has seemingly come out of nowhere since its founding in 2014 to dominate the online make-up scene. High quality make-up with drugstore prices you can’t beat. What more could you ask for? With products from customizable eyeshadow palettes to foundations to the infamous matte liquid lipsticks, there’s something for everyone.


As someone who is a big fan of Colourpop, I understand how easily it is to be overwhelmed by their numerous formulas, collections, and colors. Especially when they release a new collection, fi can feel like every month. Therefore, I have consolidated my favorite natural nude Colourpop lip products into one simple list. I am personally biased towards nudes because I feel like I get the most bang for my buck in terms of wearability. Although I can appreciate a bold red lip, I prefer low maintenance lip colors. I’ll admit it, I’m lazy! I want the simplest lip products that’ll give me that effortlessly beautiful lip. Don’t worry, although this list is about nudes, I have a variety of formulas for the finish of your preference.


1. Doozy - Ultra Blotted Lip - $7





  1. I am not a huge fan of the matte look or feel, but there’s something about the Ultra Blotted Lip that hits so good. The way it feels on your lips is reminiscent of the staying power of matte without the uncomfortable dryness. It really does achieve the perfect blotted look, without requiring a tissue (a win for the environment if you ask me!). The color isn’t too overpowering and you can layer for a more concentrated color! I absolutely adore this formula for an everyday luscious lip vibe. This color in particular is a perfect natural “my lips but better” warm rose shade. The shade isn’t too bright to wear year round but I prefer to rock it in the summer and spring.


2. Zuma - Ultra Blotted Lip - $7





  1. Yet another Ultra Blotted Lip formula! This one is currently my favorite. The warm nude looks like the exact color of my lips if they were an opaque shade of kissable perfection! I’ve already raved about the feel of this formula on your lips but I haven’t mentioned another perk. The long-lasting formula protects against tacos, kissing, or any other intense lip movement. You’ll never have to worry about a streaky or patchy red lip again! Although the color does wear off throughout the day, the natural color and comfortable formula ensures that your lips will still look great. This is a color I bring with me everywhere because it matches absolutely EVERYTHING. This is a color that is not restrained by reason, outfit, or glam factor. It truly is the LBD for lip colors. And I don’t say that lightly.

  2. Bonus tip: If you’re feeling like putting in a little more effort, layering this color over a lip pencil one/two shades darker gives your lips more dimension. As a result,  your lips appear fuller and more kissable.

3. Z Boys - Lip Crayon - $7




  1. This is the perfect summer product for when it’s hot outside and you just don’t care. What could be easier than a literal crayon? It’s got a slightly sheer, buildable, and extremely creamy formula. It’s more pigmented than a tinted lip balm, but the wearability and feel are comparable. The slight sheen and tropical fruit scent is the perfect summer vibe! (Although no one would judge if you chose to wear this adorable color year round) My favorite lip crayon color is this peachy nude although Gimme S’more (nudey pink) almost made it on this list instead. This is not the kind of lip product that you constantly have to reapply and touch up. This is a swipe and forget about it kind of product. And when it’s hot and humid outside, that’s all the effort I’m willing to put in.  

4. Gallop - Creme Lux Lipstick - $





  1. As the leaves turn golden orange and scarlet, I find myself yearning for a more autumnal lip color. Gallop is perfect for the fall season! The creamy terra cotta color will go with any apple picking, pumpkin carving, apple-cider donut eating outfit you have. The warm undertones really bring out the last of my remaining tan from summer while embodying the perfect amount of fall vibes - without being basic. It’s so creamy while also hydrating which is increasingly important as the weather gets colder because the dry air can be fatal on unprotected lips. If you’re not into the sheer look, this is the formula for you! The color payoff is phenomenal without having to sacrifice comfort. I personally love to blot out the edges for a more casual vibe, although you could always use a similar colored lip pencil!

5. Champagne Mami - Ultra Glossy Lip - $7






  1. I haven’t tried this product yet but it is definitely on my wish list. However, I have watched many swatches and read reviews that all praise this product. The formula isn’t sticky or tacky like some glosses can be. I’m a big fan of the size of the glitter in this gloss because it’s subtle enough where it could just be “the way the light hits”, but we both know it’s Colourpop working it’s magic. For a juicy lip with shimmer and a rose gold tint, check out Champagne Mami!


I’ve definitely been praising Colourpop so far but no company is 100% perfect. A definite downside to buying from Colourpop is that you can’t try on products in person. Although Colourpop is now sold at Ulta, it’s never the full range of products available on their website. Chances are, you’ll just have to go for it based off the picture on their website. This is why I always recommend watching videos with swatches on vloggers with similar skin tones before buying a lip product (for any brand, not just Colourpop). This allows me to predict the color on myself. It’s important to keep in mind that the color we perceive on our lips depends not only on the undertones in our skin but the color of our lips (if the product isn’t completely opaque). 

However, if you’re too lazy to research it then you can always try out the products I’ve recommended as they are flattering on most skin types. If you want to explore colors or formulas, Colourpop’s affordable prices provides that opportunity without being too damaging to your bank account. Great products. Great prices. Need I say more?