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Are These the Best Jalepeño Chips on the Market? The Answer is Yes.

Dying to Know the Best Jalepeño Chips on the Market? Don’t Worry, We Figured it Out For You.


Beginning 2018, I wanted to create a New Year’s resolution that I knew I could actually achieve. I was tired of empty promises and unchecked boxes so I set myself an attainable goal: to start liking spicy foods. For too long, I had embarrassingly choked on hot cheetos, “spicy” black bean burgers, and (pathetically) anything cinnamon flavored. Finally, enough was enough and on January 3rd, 2018 I bought my first bag of  jalepeño chips, and I was hooked. The obsession started small (as most things do) and I began buying a bag of jalepeño chips about once a month and would bring them to casual hang outs with friends. Soon though, I became selfish. I no longer wanted to share my newly discovered bags of gold, no matter how close the alliance. Thankfully however, May rolled around and as the school year began to wrap up, I realized I could soon be freed from this burden of generosity. I left Williams May 22nd believing that my new-found infatuation had reached its peak but I couldn’t have been more wrong.


Upon returning to campus in August I was overwhelmed by a myriad of things. I was back in the place which I loved oh so very much, with the people I adored, and the environment I thrive best in. In fact, things were better than they ever had been before! I was living in an incredible place on campus with four of my closest friends who I could be with at any moment of the day. Yet, this was the exact thing that prompted the foolishness that is about to follow.


At this point in time, my jalepeño chip obsession had yet to subside, in fact, it had intensified immensely. Why was this? Well, quite frankly, I had a new partner in crime. My housemate (and fellow Her Campus writer) Elba and I bonded over our love for the savory snack and decided that we were going to make it our mission to find the best jalepeño chips on the market. In doing so, we created a system of rankings, because if we were going to do this, we were going to do this right. We rated the jalepeño chips on the following categories: flavor, texture (e.g. folded chips & chip size), and residue left on fingers. After a tireless search, our rankings stand as follows:

  1. Miss Vickie’s


  1. Lay’s



  1. Kettle Brand Potato Chips


  1. Cape Cod



  1. Ruffles Jalapeño Ranch


  1. Cape Cod Infused


7. Deep River



Now, obviously these are all subjective rankings developed by two college student girls with almost no culinary experience, expertise or credibility. But listen here, reader. If you take away anything from this list, please take away the fact that Miss Vickie’s jalapeño chips are the absolute best chips on the market. Seriously. Elba and I were so in love with these chips that we called Miss Vickie’s headquarters and spoke to three different chips specialists just to tell them how much we love their chips. While speaking to the third chip specialist, it was explained to us that Miss Vickie was in fact a real person and that the kind woman on the phone would tell Miss Vickie herself about our infatuation with her chips! Yet, being the crazed Miss Vickie stans that we were, Elba and I weren’t satisfied… we needed her address. So, we wrote her a letter. The letter read as follows:


Dear Miss Vickie,

We hope this letter finds you well! Our names are Dacia and Elba, we are both sophomores at Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts. Over the past couple of months, we have made it our mission to discover the best jalepeño chips on the market. In doing so, we developed a system that ranks flavor, texture (e.g. folded chips & chip size) and residue left on fingers. After a tireless search, we have concluded that your jalepeño chips are the BEST chips BY FAR. Seriously… we love these chips. So much so that we called three different chip specialists at your HQ and got your address because we really just wanted to let you know how much of an impact your chips have had on our lives. The front of your bag advertises that Miss Vickie’s chips are made with “love and care”, and we truly taste that in every bite. As college students we live very hectic lives, but knowing that there is a bag of Miss Vickie’s waiting in either of our rooms from our last Walmart run, genuinely brightens up our day and for that we thank you.

Sincerely and with love,

Elba and Dacia



So yeah. That happened. We have yet to hear from Miss Vickie, but Elba and I have hope in our hearts and jalepeño chip dust on our hands. Nonetheless reader, go out and by yourself a bag of Miss Vickie’s jalepeño chips. I’m not even getting payed to write this article, I just genuinely love these chips, so please, just do it.

Dacia Green

Williams '21

Hailing from Boca Raton, FL, Dacia Green is a sophomore at Williams College, who is majoring in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. When she isn't eating vegan mac n' cheese or listening to music, Dacia is an active member of Williams' varsity softball team, spoken-word group: Speakfree, and the Black Student Union.
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