5 Essential Skincare Steps


1. Cleanse

The first step in any basic skincare routine is finding the right cleanser for your skin. Here are some quick rules of thumb courtesy of byrdie.com

  • Normal Skin: Try a hydrating balm or balm cleanser in the winter to help prevent against drying, and a clarifying gel in the summer to keep skin refreshed
  • Oily Skin: A foaming cleanser won't strip the skin, and it will remove dirt better than creams and lotions. Also look for products with a low level of salicylic acid, glycolic acid, or benzoyl peroxide.
  • Acne-prone Skin: No two cases of acne-prone skin is alike, but a general rule of thumb is to invest in a non-irritating cleanser like classic Cetaphil.
  • Dry Skin: Look for cleansers with hyaluronic acid, which can help you skin hold much more moisture. Oil-based cleansers are also a solid choice!

2. Tone

People often skip this step, but its essential for evening your skintone and getting rid of dark spots. Toner helps you grab any of the dirt you may have missed, restores your skin's natural pH balance, and allows your moisturizer to penetrate your skin more easily. My personal recommendation is Neutrogena's Alcohol-free toner, below. 

3. Moisturize

Moisturizing is a must, everyday, twice a day, especially while your face is still damp from the toner. Finding what moisturizing product works best for you skin type might take a little experimentation. Depending on your skin type and personal preferences you might try a cream, a gel, or an oil. For a more advanced skincare routine, apply a heavier cream at night for extra nourishment. My favorite product at the moment is Glossier's priming moisturizer.

4. Protect

If you walk away with anything from this article it should be this: WEAR SUNSCREEN EVERYDAY, no exceptions. Sunscreen is an absolute priority for flawless age-defining skin. It not only helps protect your skin against damage from the sun, it also helps keep your skin clear from the pollution in the air. 

5. Exfoliate

A gentle exfoliator once or twice a week is an easy addition to any basic skincare routine. Exfoliating sloughs away dead skin cells, helps reveal your freshest skin, and goes a long way to helping refine your complexion. Its important not to exfoliate too often. Using an exfoliator more than a few times a week can lead to hyperpigmentation, dryness, and acne.

Editor's Tip: At the moment my favorite skincare brand is Glossier. Besides the chic packaging, their products really work and come at affordable prices. I highly recommend the versatile Coconut Balmdotcom, and the Moisturing Moon Mask. If you want a 20% discount on your first purchase use my code here