10 Things To Do Before It Cools Down


  1. Enjoy some Lickety while it lasts—the Spring Street location closes in the fall!

  2. Eat lunch outside—Paresky steps and the chemistry table are tried-and-true spots.

  3. Act out an admissions brochure by studying on the quad with your friends or starting a classic game of Frisbee.

  4. Take a trip off-campus: the Dorset quarry in Vermont is about an hour north of here, and it won’t stay warm enough to swim forever. Plus there’s a Ben & Jerry’s on the way!

  5. Fly a kite: Williams Kite Day returns October 2! Join Professor Hank Art at the Clark’s Lunder Center on Stone Hill at 1 pm to fly your kite or just watch the airshow!

  6. Take a hike with the Williams Outing Club—the one-time joiner’s fee is only $10!

  7. Walk to the Clark Museum to take in some art. It’s much more pleasant now than it will be in November.

  8. Make some s’mores on Stone Hill! But be sure to call the Clark folks to ask permission for your campfire beforehand!

  9. If you really enjoy walking, it only takes two hours to get to North Adams (yes, I know that from experience, not Google Maps), which has MassMoCA, great restaurants, a movie theater that shows the blockbusters, and a really interesting antique store. Or you could just take the bus.

  10. Mountain Day is just around the corner, but you can take your own trip up to the very tip-top of Mt. Greylock with your friends. Make sure to get your visit in before it closes for the season on November 1!