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ZAFUL Bikinis: Review & Haul

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Wilfrid Laurier chapter.

Anyone that knows me knows that I am thrifty as heck and love a good deal. I’m the first to pull out coupons, a rewards card, or anything that will save me a few dollars. So, it’s no surprise that I was interested in a $10 bikini from ZAFUL. I’m sure you’ve seen an ad for their inexpensive bikinis and clothes on your Instagram or Facebook because they are seriously ALL OVER mine. But is a $10 bikini going to feel like it was only $10? Is it going to take a month to ship? I’ve got answers. 

I bought 5 swimsuits from ZAFUL and placed the order on a Friday. The total for all the suits was approximately $65, and yes, I added a coupon code (duh) and purchased most of the suits on sale. They arrived by the next Friday, which might just be beginners luck because most of my friends’ orders have taken a few weeks. So, if you’re looking to order for your vacay next week, no promises. I’d still suggest ordering AT LEAST a month before your vacation or beach trip just to be safe.

The first suit I ordered was this cute bikini with a white top and olive green bottoms. With the coupon and sale, it came to $14.82, an absolute steal. This was actually the most expensive suit I bought, so get ready for some major savings. This was also the best quality suit of the bunch. The bottoms and top are double lined and are very smooth. Although I’m normally a medium, after reading the reviews I decided to size up and it fits perfectly. 

My next favourite is a classic red bikini, which will certainly match my skin once I inevitably forget to apply sunscreen after going for a swim. This suit cost $13.86, which is dirt cheap for a swimsuit. Once again, I decided to size up after reading reviews and a large fit me perfectly. The shoulder straps and back clasp are both adjustable, which is a major bonus if you need to tighten or loosen the top. The bottoms and top are lined, but with white lining, rather than a double lining of the outer material. One difference is that the band under the cups is significantly smaller than pictured online, but other than that, everything is great!

I also ordered this high-neck, full coverage bikini which will be perfect for being active at the beach or on the boat. I don’t know if anyone has tried waterskiing in a strapless bikini, but I do not recommend. I loved the pattern of this suit and thought the high-neck was really trendy and cute. This bikini cost $13.55 with the sale and coupon codes applied. I read the reviews before ordering and ordered a medium, my regular size. Again, it fits perfectly! The pattern is just as nice in person as online. This one is also lined and padded.

The next bikini I flipped between loving and being not completely sure, but when I saw the $7.41 price tag, I decided I’d go for it. I’ve spent $8 on worse. This time the quality was noticeably worse. The back clasp is very, very cheap, and I would not be surprised if it pops open when I finally decide to take it to the beach. The side ties on the bottoms are also not the best quality fabric and the colour slightly changes when stretched. However, it is double lined and looks great on. I ordered my normal size, and once again had no fit problems. To my surprise, there are also little cutouts under the cups which give it the wrap around look. While it may not be the highest quality suit, I do really like it and will definitely give it a few wears.

The last suit might be my least favourite, but honestly, I still really like it and will be wearing it. The top is a little fuller coverage, which is totally fine with me, but if you’re looking for something a little more scandalous this might not be your suit. I went with my regular size and it fits really well once again. However, I had to do some major adjustments to the knot in the top as it was uneven and made the top look crooked. The bottoms are lined on the front but not the back, which is weird, but likely won’t be a problem as the outer fabric is pretty sturdy. I love the bottoms of this suit, the colour is so bright and fun and will easily match with some of the other tops I ordered. The top is okay; not great, but not bad.  This bikini was $12.33.

Overall, I’d suggest giving ZAFUL a shot if you’re looking to add some new bikinis to your vacation wardrobe. Although most of my choices were relatively modest, ZAFUL also carries a variety of bikini cuts, styles and some awesome one-pieces as well. However, I highly suggest reading through the reviews to figure out sizing, as it differs quite a bit between bikinis. Size is just a letter anyways, let it go! 

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