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YouTube Beauty Gurus to Check Out This Valentine’s Day

Getting ready for Valentine’s Day is an exciting time. You get to dress up, do your makeup and hair, and hopefully have a cute date with someone you love! Unfortunately, things can go from exciting to terrifying really quick when that makeup look you saw in Cosmo ends up looking like something out of a horror film – not so cute when it’s not Halloween. No need to worry! That’s what YouTube makeup tutorials are for. The tutorials take you through makeup looks step by step so you can actually see how it’s done, start to finish! Check out some of our favorite Valentine’s Day makeup looks from these beautiful and talented YouTubers!

Kalynxo13 – Valentine’s Date Hair Makeup & Outfit 

Kalynxo13, otherwise known as Kalyn Nicholson, is amazing! We love that she is such a down to earth, regular girl. She is very natural in front of the camera, and is always involving her subscribers in everything she does. She creates beautiful makeup looks and super cute outfits with affordable, realistic products, unlike a lot of other beauty gurus. Kalyn’s Valentine’s Day tutorial is the whole package: hair, makeup, and outfit. Make sure you check out her video for some adorable AND affordable looks for Valentine’s Day.

Mary M – Valentine’s Day Hair and Makeup Tutorial 

How cute is Mary M? This German beauty is absolutely stunning and does a great job at making very few products go a long way! In her Valentine’s Day tutorial, she shows viewers step-by-step how she created this very light and natural makeup look. She also includes a little hair tutorial! We loved this look because it was absolutely beautiful, yet very casual. You can wear this look to school for the day, and then out for dinner later on! Mary M’s videos are great, although you can’t understand what she’s saying unless you know German, you can still see how perfectly she does her makeup and hair! 

Carli Bybel – ALL PINK Valentine’s Day Makeup Tutorial 

Carli Bybel is just perfection. From her flawless brows to her sculpted cheeks, she always looks stunning. The best part is that she shows you how she does it! This Valentine’s Day makeup tutorial is from last year, but continues to be one of our all-time favorites. This look is for those who want to go for a bold look on Valentine’s Day. Although there is a lot of hot pink, she still manages to make it look classy and elegant.

ThatsHeart – (Get Ready With Me Valentine’s Day & Night Makeup + Outfit!) 

ThatsHeart is such a sweetheart. She is always so enthusiastic and cheerful, which makes her videos super fun to watch! Thatsheart is very loyal to her subscribers and does a really good job at making videos that they request. She also does a lot of giveaways on her channel to show her appreciation to her subscribers! Her Valentine’s Day tutorial is really useful as she includes both day and night makeup, as well as her Valentine’s Day outfit idea! 

Beautybyjj -(Valentine’s Day/Night Makeup + 3 Lip Shades) 

Beautybyjj is extremely talented, and beautiful! She is best known for her makeup tutorials, but also creates look books of outfit ideas for different occasions! We love her Valentine’s Day makeup tutorial because she clearly demonstrates her steps of achieving her gorgeous makeup look, but also includes different options so that you can choose what you prefer!


We hope these fabulous YouTube beauty gurus help you find your perfect look to wear tomorrow! Have a sweet Valentine’s Day, from Her Campus WLU! XOXO

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