Your Signature Bath & Body Works Scent Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Aries: A Thousand Wishes

You are fast-paced, passionate, wild and free, so you need something that will match both your playful and intense sides. A Thousand Wishes is sweet and spicy, just like you – it has notes of prosecco and peonies with a warm vanilla base. Get it here.

Taurus: Endless Weekend

Nothing is more Taurus than the thought of endless relaxation! Your calm and level nature define you and this subtly sweet scent is a perfect match for your soulful energy. Plus, you have the best of both worlds with hints of raspberries, magnolias and vanilla. You can find it here.

Gemini: Watermelon Lemonade

This fruity and sweet scent is the best companion for your high-energy, upbeat personality. You are fun and rambunctious, and this lighthearted mix of summery fruits is perfect for your everyday routine. Buy it here.

Cancer: Rose

This airy and romantic scent is a classic. The soft florals compliment your delicate and caring side with notes of jasmine flower and musk. You are known for having a tough shell but a sensitive interior and this scent is the best mix of assertiveness and elegance. Rose is light enough to not be overpowering like some other floral scents while still being flirty and demure. Get it here.

Leo: Warm Vanilla Sugar

You are extroverted, charismatic and friendly, so a warm and sweet scent is perfect for you. This one is an essential and classic pick. Everyone loves an original! You have a warm and personable nature which makes this warm, candy-like spray your best match. You can find it here.

Virgo: Cucumber Melon

This OG scent is the perfect mix of sweet and sensible. It’s clean, classic and no-nonsense, just like you! The refreshing notes of grapefruit and honeydew are the perfect combination to be your new go-to scent. Get it here.

Libra: Japanese Cherry Blossom

By far the most romantic scent of them all. Japanese Cherry Blossom compliments your flirtatious and loving side. You are sweet and angelic, and the floral notes of jasmine with undertones of sandalwood make this scent your ideal everyday spray. You can find it here.

Scorpio: Dark Kiss

Mysterious and erotic as its name implies, Dark Kiss was made for you. You are deep, intense and secretive and this scent mirrors that energy perfectly. With notes of bergamot, incense, rose and musk, this one is bound to be your signature scent. Buy it here.

Sagittarius: Champagne Toast

You are hyper, bubbly, explorative and high energy! This light and fun scent is airy enough to wear all the time no matter where your adventurous instincts take you. With notes of champagne, nectarine and musk, it’s just sweet enough. Get it here.

Capricorn: Moonlight Path

You need a scent that can keep up with you and the staying power of Moonlight Path is actually pretty impressive. You are strong-willed, ambitious and headstrong, and the intense floral notes of violets, lavender and jasmine will make this scent your best friend. Buy it here.

Aquarius: Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea is the classic Bath and Body Works scent. It’s light, free, sweet and fun, just like you. This one is a pretty calming scent and your chill energy is perfect to match that. It has notes of pear and raspberry as well as sweet pea and makes a great everyday scent. You can get it here.

Pisces: Daydream

Nothing is more Pisces than the scent Daydream. You are a dreamer at heart and your friends love you for your delicate and caring traits. You are a sweetheart and Daydream is the best scent to match you. The fruity notes of raspberries and pear are light and wearable so you can make this one your go-to. Buy it here.