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Your Next Vacation Destination: The Beautiful Balkan Peninsula

Well, it’s that time of the year! With the holidays having wrapped up, many of us are looking forward to what’s to come — summer vacation of course! Scrolling through the world of Instagram, naturally, it’s easy to fall in love with many beautiful places around the world — but what if I told you that there is a hidden gem which is often overlooked when it comes to top choices of vacation destinations? What if I told you that this place offers crystal clear beaches, beautiful landscapes, delicious food, world-class hospitality and enough historic sites to satisfy even the biggest history nerd — all for the fraction of the price of anywhere else in Europe.

There is no better place to spend your summer vacation than in the Balkan Peninsula! Not only is it beautiful, but the rich culture that lives within it is yet another reason why it should absolutely be your number one choice for this upcoming summer trip! 

But wait! Isn’t the Balkans a dreary war-zone with nothing but babushka’s and cabbage? 

Not at all. Despite having suffered an unfortunate civil war in the 1990s, the entire peninsula has managed to recover and has proved that it’s capable of maintaining its rich culture, tourism and overall beautiful scenery. You can ensure that this destination is going to be one that you remember for a lifetime. There’s a reason why so much of the diaspora keeps coming back each summer — who would not want to be in such a wonderful place for an entire summer?

Take a look for yourself!

Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina

(Source: Ćamil Hamza)

(Source: Aida Hanusić)

(Source: Saliha Hozić)

St. Stefan, Montenegro

(Source: Carrick)

Belgrade, Serbia 
(Source: Dragoš Boškovic)
(Source: Jelena Draksin)

(Source: Jovana Miloš)

Jajce, Bosnia & Herzegovina

(Source: Dalibroz Bambusbjörn)

Jajce, Bosnia & Herzegovina

(Source: Neira Husić)

Ivanjica, Serbia
(Source: Vanja Avejić)

Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina 

(Source: Džnetia Redžić)

(Source: Lazar Mataruga)

Shkodër, Albania

(Source: Ilir Berishaj)

Donji Karin, Croatia

(Source: Aleksandra Cupać)

Tirana, Albania

(Source: Nurije Rustemi)

Kotor, Montenegro

(Source: Maja Romanović)

Srebrenik, Bosnia & Herzegovina 
(Source: Elma Jahić)

Novi Sad, Serbia

(Source: Jelena Draksin)

Peja/Peć, Kosovo

(Source: Lirim Kapitaj)

(Source: Egon Kastrati)

Skopje, Macedonia

(Source: Nurije Rustemi)

Vlorë, Albania

(Source: Sofia Palushaj)

Dubrovnik, Croatia


(Source: Steven Majstorović & Larissa Majstorović)

(Source: Minela Sejdin)

Ulcinj, Montenegro

(Source: Sofia Palushaj)

Lake Ohrid, Macedonia

(Source: Nurije Rustemi)

Tuzla, Bosnia & Herzegovina

(Source: Ajlina Pavlović)

(Source: Irma Osojkić)

Split, Croatia

(Source: Aida Hanusić)

Berane, Montenegro

(Source: Maja Romanović)

Velika Kladuša, Bosnia & Herzegovina 

(Source: Vanesa Bošnjak)

Durrës, Albania

(Source: Sofia Palushaj)

Smederevo, Serbia

(Source: Vanja Avejić)

Prizen, Kosovo


(Source: Enisa Bobaj)

I would personally like to thank all of those who kindly submitted their photos for this article! I am overjoyed at the response. Thank you for allowing me to showcase the beauty of our home.

Jovanka, better known as Joja, is a fourth-year History & Medieval/Medievalism Studies Student at Wilfrid Laurier University. Her passions include both Canadian & Balkan politics/history, education, and extra-curricular activities on campus. She is also an avid Medievalist and most likely will spend too much of your time talking about it. Despite standing at solid five-foot-two inches tall, she's actually pretty easy to spot! Most likely you will find her in the library, or socializing with fellow classmates on campus!
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