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Your Midterm Feels as Described by Grey’s Anatomy

Midterms season is upon us, meaning the stress and work are about to start piling up. We know right about now, you are reminiscing about the first few weeks of school when you were stress-free. Unfortunately for most of us, that time is over. Midterms, assignments, and papers are the only things that are on our minds. While everyone manages their work differently, we’ve compiled a list of the most relatable midterm feels as described by one of the best shows (DON’T fight us on this), Grey’s Anatomy! Enjoy your study break!!

When you realize your midterm is in 3 days and you haven’t done any of the assigned readings:

When you realize coffee is the only thing that will get you through this:

When you think you found the test banks online:

And then realize it’s for a different school:

When you spend a full night in the 24 lounge:

When you see people going out during midterm season:

When it’s the night before the midterm and you want to give up:

When you open the midterm and don’t even know the answer to the first question:

Or, when you realize it’s all from the test bank that you’ve been studying:

Trying to explain to your parents why you failed your midterm:

When you hear your prof bell-curved the final grades:

When midterms are finally over:


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