Your Horoscope for Aries Season

Happy Astro-New Year, everyone! Aries season has officially started as of March 21st. This past astrological cycle was definitely transformative, especially with all the planetary gymnastics we had to put up with (BRB still recovering from the Neptune in Pisces retrograde in the summer/fall of last year). The Mercury in Pisces retrograde that we’ve been dealing with for the past month or so has finally ended, making all of the planets direct for the beginning of the next zodiac season! This is the ideal way to start off the next cycle, especially since every single planet is going retrograde in 2020. We need all the help we can get here, people.

But, anyway! Happy Aries season to all my March/April babies. Let’s get into it!


Happy birthday! Now is the time for you to start fresh, realize your goals for the next year and take control of your life. Take on new projects, friendships and relationships, set goals and stick to them. It may be a more quiet and reflective start to the season as both the moon and Mercury are in Pisces, which is a bit of a stark contrast to your hyper-speed energy. You’ll be able to communicate more effectively from an emotional standpoint, but Mercury will catch up with you on April 11th. That’s when you will put your plans in motion, specifically regarding any career or school goals. You’re going to feel a little romantically scattered following April 3rd when Venus enters Gemini. Venus is trine with four planets — relationships will be lighthearted, playful and fun.


Venus is still hanging out in your sign from the start of Aries season until April 3rd, so have fun with it! You have been indulging in a couple self-care days and trying to suss out what you need in your romantic life right now. You’ve been taking things kind of seriously but that will shift to a more impulsive and upbeat energy once Venus moves into Gemini. Expect a little disruption around April 7th, as the square between Mars and Uranus is going to hit you a little harder than others. Some kind of personal upheaval is coming; there’s big tension between your sense of action and the influence of change. What about your life needs adjusting? Use the willpower of solar Aries to follow through on your decisions. Take charge.


You are definitely exhausted following Mercury retrograde since Mercury rules your sign, so Aries season will feel super refreshing. You are coming out of a rut, so now is a good chance to make time for friends you haven’t seen in a while. Someone close to you has something very interesting to tell you but you have to hold off on sharing all your updates first and ask. On April 10th, Jupiter turns retrograde in your sister sign, Sagittarius. Jupiter rules your sense of luck and fortune, so this aspect is going to be challenging and transformative! You will come to terms with your desires. Keep an eye on your friends during this time.


This Aries season will be pretty calm for you, but you will be doing a ton of personal reflection. The conjunction on April 4th between Pluto and Jupiter in sister sign Capricorn takes a nod towards transcendence and personal growth. The conjunction is not particularly positive or negative, but it is powerful. Any ambiguity surrounding your career or education will start to clear up and the path will be laid out for you. Look for unlikely sources of advice as someone may surprise you. Venus in Gemini encourages you to get out of the house and spend time with your loved ones. Plan a fun outing with your significant other or best friend — try something new.


The sun has come full circle and is back in your fellow fire sign. Once Mercury catches up to Aries on April 11th, your ways of communicating are going to switch from cautious and considerate to straightforward and direct. No more sugarcoating — if there’s something you’ve been meaning to say, it’s coming out now. The Aries new moon on March 24th might be the starting point for this. Pay attention to your surroundings! In confrontation, communicate gently but firmly. Things in your love life are frivolous and fun, but not especially serious. Try to let things manifest instead of demanding explanations — they will come!


You had a crazy month during the retrograde and now it is time to settle down and reflect. From March 21st until the first few days of April both Taurus and Capricorn, your earth sign sisters, are taking up Venus and Mars respectively. You’re forming an opinion around your relationships and you’re not looking to change it, but your stubbornness might waver slightly once the planets move into air signs Gemini and Aquarius. Your ruling planet Mercury starts off this season in Pisces but moves to Aries on April 11th. You’re shifting your mode of communication from intuition to directness. Manifest your desires.


A rare celestial event is happening for you this Aries season — your sign is occupying a double full moon, meaning that both the March and April full moons are in Libra! Your relationships are being tested; there will be a clear ending to a chapter in your life and the beginnings of something new. Your ruling planet, Venus, is set moving into fellow air sign Gemini on April 3rd. If you weren’t restless in love before you definitely are now! You know that you need to be with someone romantic and intellectual, but you are also very picky. Use the next month’s fiery energy to direct yourself and your priorities. Make adjustments as you need.


Like Aries, you are arguably one of the most intense signs in the zodiac. You’re both ruled by Mars, which is moving from headstrong Capricorn into pensive Aquarius on March 30th. Do some self-assessment here — reflect on how you have grown in the past year. There is something to be learned from every experience you have, so meditate a bit and get in touch with your emotions. The Mars and Uranus square is creating friction in your personal and professional life and you will feel a strong need to uproot yourself and change something drastic (but please leave your hair out of it until the square has shifted). This might be a physical habit. Make sure you’re sleeping enough.


You’re about to be presented with a series of challenges. This is the beginning of a big reassessment of your life — you are going to reevaluate your values and beliefs on a personal level. This could be related to your habits, the types of people you surround yourself with or your own morals. You are curious by nature and you know that you have a lot to learn so listen to the little things that you are being told. Venus moves into your sister sign Gemini on April 3rd, so block some time out of your calendar to go on adventurous dates and try new experiences. You want to wind down and have some fun for a bit — nothing wrong with that!


We’re starting the season off with your sign residing in both Mars and Jupiter, bringing you luck and the drive to execute your plans. With the sun in Aries, you feel like a powerhouse at work. Between now and when Mars moves to Aquarius on March 30th, buckle down and get it done — make to-do lists, update your calendar, start projects, finish them and show off your stuff! This is an especially good time for job interviews or recruitment. Mercury in Pisces will make you a little frustrated with planning set dates and get-togethers, but it will shape up once Mercury moves into Aries.


This Aries season is testing you with the Mars-Uranus square with your sign residing in Mars. There is tension between your sense of power and your sense of ideology, so you might find yourself struggling to execute your plans. Put off any big projects or trips until later on in the month. Other than that, you’ll be feeling feisty and revived after the emotional retrograde that we just had. Venus in Gemini encourages a more lighthearted approach to your romantic life, and you are feeling more free-spirited and flirtatious. There is potential for more than one love interest right now however, so be sure to stay straightforward. Know what you want.


On April 3rd, Mercury will be conjunct with Neptune in your sign, so it might hit harder than some other planetary aspects this season. The conjunction is favourable though, so no need to worry. Neptune rules you, so this pairing is especially harmonious. You are a fountain of ideas during this time and you are gifted with enhanced communication! Definitely a winning combination and with the sun in Aries, it is time for your visions to become reality. Channel your energy into something creative like writing or painting as an outlet of self-expression. Onlookers will be fascinated with your work.

A lot of transformations have happened between this time last year and now. Aries season is going to be a reflective and powerful time, so take advantage! Happy New Year!

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