Your Guide to the Perfect Grad Photo

If you’re anything like me, you’re freaking out about the fact that grad photos are upon us awaiting graduates.  I feel like I’ve been waiting my entire life for this moment and I don’t want anything, and I mean anything, to f*ck it up.  So, whether you’re worried about how to dress or what make up to do, I made sure to hook you up with everything you need to know about taking a picture-perfect grad photo.

First up is what to wear.  Practically every grad photo company tells you to wear either a low cut plain white t-shirt or a white collared button up.  Make sure you have one or the other.  I wouldn’t worry too much about your pants, since the photo is being taken from the waist up.  BUT HOLD UP: some companies let you take casual pics with different outfits, so bring another outfit option (e.g. school merch!) and get ready to take mad pics.

Second is your hair.  This is a photo that’s going to be a defining moment for you.  It’s going to be up in the school FOREVER and possibly in your house for your parents to pass by every now and again.  With this being said, and no pressure btw, make sure your hair style screams YOU.  Go with a comfortable style that compliments you.  Whether this means straightening it for length or curling it for glam volume, anything goes. Just make sure it’s easy to achieve and you love how it looks.

Next up is your make-up.  Since this photo is the epitome of you and will be up for your entire school to see, I suggest going as natural as possible with the make-up.  Foundation for coverage, some concealer to brighten the under eyes and a light contour and highlight to bronze up and highlight your face (harsh lighting at these things is something straight out of a horror movie!)  Now, if you’re all about the drama, amp up your mascara with a few extra coats or do a subtle winged liner!  If lips are your thing, then have a go at a colour that you love to rock!  I would suggest a light nude or pink or even go au natural, but if you’re all about colour definitely have fun with your lip colour- anything goes, it’s all up to you!

Extra tips you might want to keep in mind!

  • brows are everything, so make sure they’re tamed and groomed for the event
  • fresh nail polish is a fun added bonus if you’re asked to hold the diploma for a shot
  • make sure to set your face with setting spray before you leave to take your pic!
  • Use whitening strips on your teeth to make them stand out more and look extra white

Finally, it’s picture time.  If you have a super cool grad photo company that’ll let you take pics with your friends, make sure you schedule your times close together so you can all go and have a group pic at the end!  Relax, smile and enjoy the bittersweet moments of graduating from university.    

They say a picture speaks a thousand words and I just hope mine says I DID IT MOM & DAD!