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Your Go-To Guide for Prepping for St.Paddy’s Day

Ladies, the day you have all been waiting for has arrived! St.Paddy’s is one of those days we are all looking forward to! All the festivities are great, and the amount of pictures and Instagram’s you’re about to take and see is crazy! Lots of planning and prepping needs to be put into a hyped-up day like this, and our list is sure to help with that!

Jell-O Shots

This one’s only for those of legal drinking age! A fun activity to do with friends the night before St. Paddy’s Day is making Jell-O shots! Hey, they could even be virgin, just the idea of making spirited green Jell-O with your friends is such a cute idea that will definitely get everyone in the mood to have a good day. Drink responsibly people!!

Outfit Shopping

One of my favorite parts of the weeks leading up to St. Paddy’s Day is the number of screenshots in the group chat of potential outfits you could wear. Dressing spirited for any occasion is so much fun and gives you a break from the classic black tube top you’ve worn for 3 consecutive weekends. And the best thing about St. Paddy’s is that you can never go wrong, the more accessories the better!


What’s better than waking up to a fully decorated room to get you in the mood for a fun afternoon! You gotta make a good background for those Instagram pics, and nothing makes a picture cuter than green decorations everywhere! This is the only time where it’s okay to say your apartment looks like a leprechaun threw up all over it.

The Buddy System

No matter where you end up, keep an eye out for your friends! No one wants to get lost, or lose their squad. Having a buddy system is a great way to ensure no one is ever left alone, and that all of your friends are accounted for!Game Plan

Make a game plan for the day! Figure out your plans so you’re not left with nothing to do in your super cute and festive outfit at the last minute! It would be such a waste, and who knows, you might even get lucky!

Stay Golden

Having fun is always the goal, but so is staying safe and respecting our community! Please follow the rules being put out, seeing as they are there for the safety of us and our friendly neighbours! Stay Golden, friends!

Getting ready for big holidays like this can be stressful, but hopefully with this guide you’ll have yourself a stress free St. Paddy’s Day to remember! And don’t forget, stay safe friends and make good decisions!


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