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Your Destined Academia Aesthetic Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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Escapism at its finest, academia refers to a wide group of striking aesthetics revolving around the pursuit of learning through study and reading. Although any of the following six types of academia might appeal to someone searching for aesthetic inspiration, your perfect match may be found in the stars!

Dark Academia – Scorpio, Aries

Perhaps the best-known academia aesthetic of them all, dark academia’s all about the pursuit of knowledge through literature…. but mysterious. It screams elegant moodiness, which obviously describes you perfectly, Scorpio and Aries readers (although Aries might be described better as chaotic moodiness, but whatever, my point still stands). These two zodiac signs have a lot of differences, but their boldness and passion suit the drama of dark academia. If this aesthetic interests you, I’d suggest reading literature by candlelight (I highly recommend The Secret History), enjoying rainy nights and listening to melancholic classical music – maybe all at the same time? Top that lovely scenario off with a white button-down and a black tweed blazer and you’re good to go.

Light Academia – Taurus, Capricorn

As Earth signs, Taurus and Capricorn ladies are practical and always determined to find success. They’re also grounded in the simpler, pleasurable matters of life values that align very well with the light academia aesthetic. Light academia’s essentially dark academia’s lighter counterpart. It’s characterized by the same values of learning, art, music and literature, but with a brighter color palette and more optimistic themes of beauty and happiness (doesn’t that sound nice?). Think white sundresses at a picnic, sunlight on your book and tea in a porcelain cup. Taureans and Capricorns are guaranteed to find some joy in pursuing the light academia aesthetic, whose beautiful material aspects will give the signs a break amidst their goal-seeking resolve.

Art Academia – Virgo, Cancer

Dark and light academia both involve the creation and love of art within their aesthetics, but art academia (obviously) makes this value its entire focus. Virgos and Cancers, you’re both connected to your emotions and creativity, which makes you naturals when it comes to art. Even if you aren’t particularly great at making it, you’ll be able to appreciate the art academia aesthetic just the same. Drawing, painting, journaling, photography, museum-going… anything related to the creative arts goes. As well, art academia emphasizes curiosity and emotions conveyed through artistic means. A Virgo’s attention to detail and a Cancer’s empathetic ability means they’re both perfect fits for this aesthetic. So, if that’s you, pick up a paintbrush or visit a gallery. You might just find your calling.

Romantic Academia – Libra, Pisces

Ah, l’amour. Libra and Pisces ladies, I can almost guarantee you’ve said that phrase out loud. Being prone to romance stories and fantasies, you’ll find another home in the romantic academia aesthetic. As you may have guessed from the name, romantic academia was born from the values of Romanticism, specializing in the ideas of love, beauty and nature in relation to romantic literature. Its visuals are light and airy, like those of light academia. The softer qualities of this aesthetic appeal to Libras and Pisceans, who are most similar in their sensitive and empathetic nature. More importantly, they’re also the hopeless romantics of the zodiac signs. Thus, it’s obvious how well-suited they both are to romantic academia. If you’re searching for your aesthetic happy ending (Libra, Pisces or otherwise), I recommend finding yourself a classic love story, preferably wrapped in an elegant cover, and reclining in a bed of roses. Easy as that.

Theatre Academia – Leo, Gemini

Charismatic and expressive perhaps to the point of irritation, Leos and Geminis were born for the stage… and therefore, theatre academia. Even if individuals born under these signs aren’t all performers or regular theatregoers, chances are, they have the bold personality necessary for them. Theatre academia’s the most niche form of academia on this list. It draws its appeal through the ideas of reading, writing and watching plays, sketching costumes and, of course, acting. A palette of gold, red and black adds to the drama of theatre academia. Also accompanying the aesthetic are visuals of old buildings, berets and performing under a shining spotlight, which I know would make our two favorite melodramatic signs drool. Leos and Geminis, embrace your inner thespian and go perform some Shakespeare. Break a leg!

Chaotic Academia – Aquarius, Sagittarius

Yes, chaotic academia’s very much a real thing. Characterized by a passionate rejection of academia aesthetics’ usual visually pleasing aspects and its somewhat elitist conventions, chaotic academia seeks to humanize the (sometimes messy) process of learning. Aquarius and Sagittarius individuals would find this take quite refreshing, as it likely mirrors their own chaotic and atypical habits. These two signs share similar traits of being curious and seeking freedom out of societal norms. But let’s face it, Aquarians and Sagittarians are usually weird; they’re the type of people that scribble on walls to memorize terms and tap their feet restlessly during a test. Luckily, chaotic academia accepts them wholeheartedly. It even encourages their originality to blossom further into practices including, but not limited to, reading banned books, handing papers in at the last minute, discussing literary conspiracies and always losing pens. So, if you feel like your messy habits don’t fit with any aesthetics, don’t fret, chaotic academia is on your side.

I’ll admit that I’m not a professional astrologist, but I do have a pretty good grasp of the zodiac signs, not to mention a concerning amount of knowledge of academia aesthetics. Even if your zodiac sign didn’t match your ideal aesthetic, I hope you were still able to explore the fabulous variety of academia and find one that will add some sophistication and joy to your life.

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