Your Complete Guide to Hooking Up in a Car

It’s a pandemic, so people are at home all the time, making it increasingly more difficult to find some alone time. Alone time is important though, not only for your mental sanity but so that you can have some fun of your own. A car hookup is looking better and better by the day, but it’s a tricky one to accomplish unscathed. Most people’s advice about hooking up in a car is don’t do it. However, I have always enjoyed the concept. You’re in a tight space, the fear of getting caught is ever looming and it gives you a sense of youthfulness that hooking up in a bed doesn’t quite have. It can really be a fun time if you’re open to it, but there are things to consider before exploring the car hookup.

Who to Hook Up With

This is probably one of the most important things to consider. You should not hook up in a car with someone you are not well acquainted with. It can be awkward, tight and you need to be able to have a laugh and joke around with the person. Furthermore, you should be comfortable saying no to this person. It can be super fun to hook up in a car because of the excitement of a confined space, but the confined space can also be a problem if you don’t know the person you’re hooking up with well. Remember to stay safe when you’re having fun!

What to Wear

This can also make or break the car hookup. Not in the fatal sense, but it can make things go way more smoothly. Wearing a tight skirt and jeans that you have to wiggle yourself into will not work in this situation. You need an exit plan when it comes to your clothes. You need to first consider what you are comfortable with. If being fully naked in a random parking lot shoots your anxiety through the roof, I suggest clothes that allow for easy access, meaning without fully being taken off. A loose skirt or dress will allow for ample access while also allowing you to be covered up. A bra that lifts easily, like a bralette or one that unhooks easily would also be a great call. If you are open to being more naked than not, then just make sure that you can put your clothes back on with ease. Also, a pro tip is to keep your clothes on one designated seat while you hook up. Searching for a tiny thong in the dark is not ideal. Make sure you know where the clothes are when you take them off.


Now onto the fun stuff! Let me tell you, cars are not the best place for sex. Unless you have a minivan or a car where the seats can go all the way back, sex in the traditional sense will be tricky. Things will be even harder if your partner is tall. Oral and fingers can 100 percent work. Even from the front seats, it’s completely possible to give your partner a blow job or to have him give you some pleasure. When things get hot and heavy, however, I suggest moving to the back seats. There is not enough headspace in most cars to straddle your partner. Create as much space as you can in the back of the vehicle and figure out what position will work from there.

Where to Hookup

Now, here is a really good question: how do you find the right space to hook up? Mall parking lots are packed with security and other lots tend to be too well lit to feel comfortable. The great thing about the pandemic is the fact that a lot of business areas are left empty. No one is working there, and they tend to not be crawling with security and spotlights to illuminate you. If you have the chance, go for a night drive and scope out your area so that you can have a spot in mind. This will not only ensure that you can find a place but will make you feel more at ease since you know where you will be going.

Is the Car Moving?

Hooking up while driving is a completely different situation. I recommend having fun while the car is parked. No one wants to get into any accidents. However, if you are more adventurous and if everyone feels safe and comfortable, there is no reason that you cannot get things started while you’re driving. Maybe a little touching here and there, maybe a full-on hand job, assuming you’re in a heterosexual relationship. Other than that, I would proceed with caution when attempting to hook up in a moving vehicle.

All in all, remember to stay safe, have fun and don’t do anything you don’t want to do. Hooking up should be about having fun, not about feeling pressured because you are locked in a car with someone and they want to do something you do not want to. Given the pandemic, however, the car hookup may be one of the only places where you and your partner may be able to achieve some true privacy. Heck, you don’t even need to hook up! Going to a parking lot at night can even be a great place to have a wholesome conversation.