You Should be Watching Glam and Gore for Spooky Makeup Tutorials on Youtube

If you aren’t familiar with the iconic Los Angeles self-taught makeup artist Mykie, it’s time you met her and her Youtube channel, Glam and Gore. This innovative 28 year-old is known for making things “pretty ugly”; Mykie combines her passions and talents to create makeup looks for Instagram-worthy photo-shoots and chilling special effects, ideal for the most authentic costumes and horror movies. Mykie developed her passion and prowess with makeup throughout her post-secondary career in film school and gained professional techniques via her own research and desire to work at local haunted houses. After joining Youtube in 2014, Mykie’s channel has since gained a loyal following of 3.1 million followers. But why is she worth watching?

Mykie’s tutorials combine comedy and education perfectly. Whether you are looking to master that killer cat eye, creating the most realistic zombie costume on the planet or trying your hand at wearing a wig, Glam and Gore has something for you. What’s more is the fact that Youtube’s recent changes in algorithm criteria have been negatively affecting her views and her subsequent income, meaning she could use the support now more than ever. Since these updates, subscribers have not been receiving notifications for new posts or have the ability to watch new videos. Furthermore, Mykie’s older content is being suddenly demonetized due to Youtube deeming her FX tutorials “too graphic.” So where can the line between “mature content” and “creative licensing” be crossed? Is it fair that the individual is now being impacted? I would argue no. Mykie’s channel is dedicated to makeup tutorials — there is nothing sinister about that. Other makeup channels have not be impacted as negatively. Mykie deserves recognition for her talents and this is why.

Her Relatability

Starting each video with her catchphrase, in a Russian accent, "Hello Zombaes!” is a delightful example of Mykie’s unapologetic nature to be her full authentic self. She also has an adorable Alaskan Klee Kai named Ripley (if you look up “Pun Dog,” you’ll get a really good idea of what I am taking about). Ripley is just as theatrical as her Dog Mom and is very vocal in Mykie’s videos. Mykie is also candid about her personal journey with health and fitness, recently challenging herself to join a gym and utilize a personal trainer. Her end goal? To be stronger and feel better about herself. She also desires to have tonnes of muscle and attempts to contradict the preconceived notion that to be “feminine” and “pretty” one can’t have muscle. Mykie also understands that pursuing a career in makeup, especially FX, is expensive. She honestly tries to provide tangible and effective alternatives for her viewers to inspire success and further creativity. She’s also a social media icon: her Tweets are pure fire.

A Glam & Gore Disney Princess Story

This series was one of the first of many to skyrocket Mykie to internet stardom and is one of my personal favourites. This series is downright clever. She makes tutorials using the original Disney Princesses we know and love and creates gory alternatives. For example, there is “‘Hooked’ Little Mermaid,” “‘Strangled’ Rapunzel” and “‘Shattered’ Cinderella.” What is so lovable about this concept is that it truly puts the concept of “grim” back into the Brothers Grimm tales.

The SAFE Way to Partake in the “Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge”

Aside from other crazy Internet challenges like the Mannequin Challenge, Cinnamon Challenge and the Harlem Shake, the Kylie Jenner Challenge is probably one of the most infamous. What’s the key idea behind this video? Satire.

She is the Winner of the 2015 NYX Face Awards

If you want a taste of Mykie’s talent, look no further then her application video! Filmed in a “mockumentary” style, Mykie is overtaken by a malicious paranormal being. Terrifying and mesmerizing, Mykie is candid about her creative process and provides beautiful montage videos to display her submitted looks.

Tinder Picks My Makeup

Jumping on the trend bandwagon, Mykie asks her unsuspecting Tinder prospects random questions that correlated to specific makeup. Comprised of a trilogy, her humour makes this a delight. It also includes her matching with her good friend’s brother … yikes!

She’s Launching Her Own Wig Line with Bellami!

Hold on to your wigs because there is nothing better than supporting a #GirlBoss by celebrating entrepreneurial ventures. Mykie has a life-long passion for wigs, allowing not only her personal creativity to shine through, but complete her character looks as well. In a recent video released on Sept. 30, 2018, Mykie announced the launch of her wig line: a completely personal and unique beauty collaboration unlike any other. The line consists of three wigs: a long silvery-blonde wig named “Reagan”, after the girl from The Exorcist; a rose gold/pink lob called “Clarice”, after the detective-to-be in The Silence of the Lambs; and a theatrically long wig known as “Carrie”, consisting of blood-red locks and dark roots. Listed at $100 US, Mykie promises quality and satisfaction. The Glam and Gore X Bellami launches Oct. 15, 2018 – just in time for Halloween!