You Need to Treat Your Pets Better

Humans are an egotistical species. Many of us believe that the world belongs to humans or that since humans have dominated most aspects of life, they have the right to dictate what happens to other species.

Long ago, humans encountered wolves. With these wolves, humans learned a new method of survival. Soon enough, a companionship evolved out of this relationship and it became that humans and wolves found joy and survival with and from each other. While Darwin's theory is just a theory, it has the most scientifically backed evidence above other ideas, like that two full-grown humans were placed onto this earth and, well, you know the rest.

This means that we evolved around one another as a species not only to benefit each other but also to co-exist.

Animals of several kinds have adapted to or died as a result of human evolution. Dogs and cats are among the most commonly known domesticated animals. While we most likely know someone in our lives who has a pet, we can’t really be sure if they know how to treat their pet right.

Pets are seen as a luxury to own. If anyone's ever adopted an adult dog or even a cat, they know that you have to allow the animal to get to know you and the new space, and then allow them to adjust to this new environment.

Remind you of anyone? Human children, perhaps?

You should be treating your pets the way you would a child. Much like young children, animals need their exercise, love, food, safety and a sense of belonging. Animals feel pain, too, but they cannot voice their pain the way humans do.

Humans do not own this earth. They coexist with every other living being on this planet. Reiterate that until it starts to make sense. If you do not see animals as a species worthy of your respect and kindness, can you really say you’re a kind person?

If you refuse to humble your own ego and treat your furry companion as you would like to be treated, quite frankly, you don’t deserve them. You don’t deserve a loyal companion who will love you regardless of how you treat them.

Abusing helpless animals usually signifies underlying mental health issues. So, if you’ve ever hurt another living creature, in any shape or form, please see a therapist. Animals are not your toys, playthings or whatever.

When the pandemic first started, there was a surge in people searching for furry companions, even domesticated birds and reptiles. Later into the pandemic, animal services were asking people to only adopt animals if they were planning to take care of them for the long term since many people were also putting these poor animals into shelters after realizing they simply couldn’t take care of them. Similar occurrences happen around holidays such as Christmas and Valentine’s Day.

People have reduced other living creatures to being a means of joy rather than recognizing they have their own way of life and existence.

Give your pets the unconditional love that they give you regardless of how many times you step on them, yell at them and everything in between. You need to start treating your pets better.