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Why Your Work BFFs Are Basically the Reason You Haven’t Quit Your Job

If it weren’t for your work friends, who knows how you would get through those long shifts or dealing with horrible bosses. You’ve bonded over complaining about work, crushing on the same office hunk, and a mutual hate for your boss. It’s a blessing that they came into your life and you couldn’t imagine a work day without them. Here are just 30 reasons why your work BFFs are so special!

1. They are the best part about work. They’re the sole reason why you’re looking forward to going into work, even on a Monday.

2. They are the number one reason why you haven’t quit, gotten fired, or completely lost your mind on your boss or other co-workers.  

3. You can always rely on them to have extra hair ties, bobby pins, Advil, perfume, uniform components, and most importantly - tampons.  

4. They’ve totally got your back with your boss if you’re running late, or take a couple extra minutes at break.

5. And you definitely have theirs because you can’t help but get a little protective over them.

6. They are always willing to take over part of your workload when you’re a little overwhelmed.

7. And are your go-to when a little goofing off is in order.

8. It’s always a sad day when you’re super busy and may not be able to see each other as much, but that’s what emailing/texting is for.

9. But if anyone ever saw your emails to each other at work, they’d probably think this is definitely NSFW (not safe for work).

10. Breaks are always spent swapping stories about annoying customers or co-workers.

11. They always save the day with multiple coffee runs to which they already know your coffee order.

12. Lunch breaks are always the perfect time for catching up on each other’s lives.

13. And they always are up to date on the latest work drama.

14. You’ve always got someone to go on an after-work date with, especially on those late-night shifts when all you can think about is nachos.

15. They’re the first ones to tell you if you’ve got something in your teeth, if your pants are unzipped, or if your shoe is undone.

16. You start to adopt the same mannerisms and telepathy starts to become a thing between your group.

17. Especially when you’re trying to describe another co-worker whose name you can’t remember.

18. You’ve basically come up with your own secret language and signs.

19. Which is perfect for when the hot new guy walks by.

20. But they know when to step in to save you from that one guy who just can’t take a hint.

21. You’re now known for always being together; it’s like half of you is missing when one calls in sick.

22. When your co-workers give your group a nickname, you know it’s real.

23. They’re the only ones who can understand your work-related problems and can vouch for how mentally, emotionally, and physically draining that shift was (which makes them the perfect people to vent to).

24. Even if you’ve only been there for an hour.

25. They will always join in on your pity party and complain about the million reasons why you should’ve called in sick today.

26. You can always count on getting their best advice because you value and trust each other’s opinion on how they would respond to certain situations.

27. They are the only ones you can go to with a stupid work related question and not feel judged, especially if it’s about something you should probably already know by now.

28. You’ve always got someone to turn to for a good laugh to get you through the day.

29. You realize your work friends have become your life long bffs.

30. But most importantly, they’ve become family and you wouldn’t trade them in for anything.

You can barely imagine a time before knowing your work besties and do not wish to ever spend a day without them by your side. So next time you see your work biffls, let them know how much you really appreciate them!

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