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Why Your Grandma is Low-Key Your Best Friend

With all of the grandma’s appearing on social media like “Glam-Ma” and “Baddie Winkle,” have you ever stopped to consider how cool your own grandma is? It may not seem like the most obvious fact, but when you think about it, you will realize that your grandma is one of the greatest friends you have.

You Can Steal Her Clothes

Vintage clothing is in, and the best place to find authentic vintage clothing for FREE is your grandma’s closet. I guarantee that you can find some sweaters that haven’t been worn in 30+ years that are really cute and don’t require a trip to Forever 21. 

She Makes the Best Food

If you tell your grandmother that you haven’t eaten all day, she will probably start pulling ingredients out of the cupboard before you even finish your sentence. Nothing like some homemade food to put you in a good mood. 

She Gives Good Advice

She’s lived a lot more years than you, and believe it or not, she has gone through many of the same things that you have! I consult my grandma before I make any important decision!

She’s Your Biggest Cheerleader

She will still hang a bad picture of you up on the wall and will brag about how pretty you are to all of her Facebook friends list, that consists of 20 people. 

She’s Honest

She may be your biggest fan, but she’s also brutally honest. If I come out in an outfit she doesn’t like, she’s the first one to say something about it, even if I don’t ask for her opinion…

She Spoils You

Even though you’re not five anymore, she’ll still buy you your favourite candy, surprise you with gifts, and bake your favourite cookies when you visit. 

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