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Why You Should Try Handwriting Your Notes

If you’re used to writing your notes on a laptop, it probably seems like so much work to start writing them out by hand — but don’t fear, I was there once too! Though you have to lose the convenience of just searching for a word to find its definition, you’ll probably find that writing by hand actually helps your grades! 

And that’s not just me saying that, there’s proof! There have been plenty of studies that suggest writing notes by hand actually helps improve your grades and increase your memory. There’s something about the connection between your head and your hand that just clicks when it comes to test time.

Part of the hassle of writing your notes out is the strain it puts on your hands. We’ve all been in the position of a cramped hand after a tough writing session and none of us want to go there again. But have you ever picked up a pen that writes so beautifully you don’t want to put it down? Imagine writing with that for at least fifteen hours a week! 

Invest in a rollerball or fountain pen that you genuinely enjoy using. They don’t have to be expensive either — you can get fountain pens from the Laurier bookstore for $6, or great rollerballs from Chapters from $5. 

If even that seems like a lot of money, remember that high-quality products are refillable, likely making your wallet happier in the long run. Besides, rather than all the plastic waste that’s created from disposable pens, you’ll have the high-quality pens that will last for the rest of your life with the right amount of care. 

Also make sure that you choose a notebook that you really like. What kind of pages do you like? Some people prefer plain pages so they can draw, others dotted so they can line everything up perfectly — there are even different kinds of line spacing you can get!

If you get a notebook that you like both inside and out, it won’t be a chore to write or bring with you. You can add personality to your notes and make it unique to you. 
If you colour-code your notes, you’ll be able to find definitions just as easily as you would be able to on a laptop. If you write your daily notes in black, write definitions in another colour, like pink; write important assignments and dates in another, like blue. When you go back, those colours will stick out right away!

When it comes time for test taking, reading on a sheet will help a lot more than the computer. You can even keep MyLearningSpace up on your laptop while you read your notes without switching back and forth! 

Besides, how often are you on Facebook in class? You can’t be on social media when you’re writing by hand! You’ll have to pay attention — and that will improve your grades too!

Good luck with your studies this year, Hawks! 

Madeline McInnis

Wilfrid Laurier '19

Madeline graduated from the BA+MA program at Wilfrid Laurier University in 2020. In her undergraduate degree, she majored in Film Studies and History with a specialization in film theory. She later completed her Master's of English degree, where she wrote her thesis on the construction of historical memory and realism in war films. If you're looking for a recommendation for a fountain pen or dotted notebook, she should be your first line of contact.
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