Why You Should Show Platonic Love

You love your friends, but do you show them?

Maybe the idea of showing affection scares you? Maybe you never thought about the little things you can do to show your friends you love them? Maybe you haven’t told your friends you love them — although we’re hoping you’ve done that. 

Telling your friends you love them can be scary — and showing that love even more so — but it is something that you should do and practice in your everyday life. Not only can it be emotionally rewarding for you, but also for them. 

Friends are the people that you feel comfortable around and who you are going to do crazy antics with. Nothing is more important than showing your friends how much you care. They’re the people who are going to stay with you through thick and thin, so it only makes sense you show them some love. This will show them just how much you care about them. Not only will it make them feel good about themselves, but you’ll also feel good knowing you that you made them happy.

Friends are forever, but just like any relationship, it requires work. There are times you’re just too busy and it’s hard to make time for your friends. Making sure that you are doing little things to show your appreciation can go a long way. It also leaves a memory for both of you to look at fondly during tough times. Doing just the smallest of acts helps to keep the friendship alive.

Platonic love should be normalized, practiced and shown on a regular basis. When you are going through ups and down or when the world seems like it’s going to end, nothing helps get you through it quite like love. That’s why it’s so important to express platonic love and not shy away from such an amazing emotion. Having love in your life that you know is platonic can help you form a healthy relationship with your friends and allows yourself and your friends to grow as people.  ​
If you’re wondering how to show the love, there are easy ways to do it. Even the simplest of thoughts can mean the world. We’ve always thought that a hug was a silent way of saying I love you. Even a simple poke in the arm will do. If you are the type for grand gestures, a spontaneous gift will always bring a smile to your friend’s face. You can even go out of your away and cook them their favourite meal.  At the end of the day, even a small text asking them how they’re doing will show your friends just how much you love them.