Why You Should Have Interventions with Your Friends

As my wise friend Dina once told me, “A mature friendship should not be afraid of confrontation; you should be willing to grow together and learn from situations”

Most of the time you love your friends so much…but sometimes they do something that really pisses you off. Maybe they’re just being a little problematic, or maybe they just need a reminder. Whatever your reason, you shouldn’t be afraid to address the problem.

Take it from me, avoiding a problem and hoping it just resolves itself rarely works. Your friend can’t read your mind, so if they’re doing something that is upsetting you, you need to tell them. Secretly seething helps no one, least of all you.

An intervention or confrontation doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Sure, it can be a bit nerve wracking, but sometimes you just need to talk it out. You also don’t need to make it a big deal, a simple, “Hey, can we meet up to talk about some stuff?” text works. The more casually you approach it, the less serious and scary it seems.

You can even try making it a little silly, while still keeping it serious. Recently, my group of friends decided we needed to try using a “feelings stick” because we’re all loud mouths who talk over each other, and we used a cucumber as the stick. Giggling over holding a cucumber was a tension reliever, while still getting the job done. With the feelings stick, whoever is holding it gets to talk and express themselves. It’s a really good way to make sure everyone gets to say their piece and be heard.

Whatever it’s about, make sure you get your point across and make yourself heard. If they’re really your friend they’ll be willing to listen and want to fix whatever problems you’re having.