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Why You Should Build Lego With Your Partner This Valentines’ Day

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Valentines’ day can be overwhelming; pink and red all around, hearts on everything and most of all, the forced messages of what love should be. In the past, I definitely fell into the trap of disliking Valentines’ Day (the only good part being free chocolate). However, recently I have rethought the whole notion and come to see that it can be fun to celebrate a holiday centred around love. So, my proposal to you this Valentines’ Day is to try something a little unconventional and grab a friend, partner or whoever is willing (or unwilling), pick out a Lego set, and build it!

You might be thinking to yourself, Lego? No way. But what if I told you building Lego single-handedly demonstrates all five of the love languages? Now you think I’m losing it but hear me out. 

I am fully planning on doing this activity with my boyfriend, and this is how I hope it goes; first, I pick out an appropriate Lego set that matches our personalities (but not anything hockey-related because he has enough of that :D). I know for a fact there is a Lego set for everyone, from architecture to flowers and little sets of animals, the possibilities are endless. I would choose the love birds set because not only is it Valentines’ Day themed, but it is also adorable. I then present this Lego set to my boyfriend, and just like that the love language of gift-giving and receiving has been fulfilled.

Next in this diabolical Lego building scheme, I would initiate the actual set building. In my relationship, this would involve disputes over organizing the pieces or who is doing which part of the build, yet it would also achieve another love language, quality time. While building Lego may seem like a simple task, there’s loads of fun to be had laughing over the tedious parts. The best part is you’re doing it together. 

I know I said I wouldn’t allow anything hockey-related, but if the Lego building occurred when the Winnipeg Jets were playing, I would put on the game in the background. Playing some of your partner’s favourite music or TV show would suffice, but in my case, hockey is the ultimate prize. This exemplifies the love language “acts of service” and would put an ear-to-ear grin on your partner’s face.

Continuing with the project, I would more than likely start a playful quarrel about whether my boyfriend is building correctly or following the instructions at all, sparking conversation, containing a healthy balance of colourful language and loving phrases. And just like that, the love language of words of affirmation would be addressed. Between banter, I’d remind my boyfriend how thankful I am he puts up with my antics and let him know he is loved, but only when the Lego gets built :).

The Lego set is nearly done at this point, with a few pieces remaining scattered across the table. I would reach for them to claim I had finished it, my boyfriend doing the same and BAM! Our hands collide in a romantic fashion, demonstrating the love language of physical touch. This moment would be pure and wholesome; I dare say it should be in a rom-com.

Before we know it, my boyfriend and I would be staring at our masterpiece, the Lego set of love birds all put together in its glory. We would be proud of our accomplishment and joyful that we managed to do it, especially on Valentines’ Day. Remember that it doesn’t always take a fancy, over-the-top date to show appreciation for your partner. Sometimes all you need is a Lego set, and you’ll be well on your way to keep building sets and your relationship together! (pun definitely intended)

Abigail Oshell

Wilfrid Laurier '25

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