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Why You Should be Nice to Retail Workers During the Christmas Shopping Season

Christmas shopping is a super stressful time, you can feel like nothing can go right! There is just so much to do and no time to do it. Unfortunately, retail workers take the brunt of the stress from shoppers and I’m here to tell you about some things you should think about before royally losing your shit on someone working in one of your favourite stores!

You are not the first, and definitely not the last

Most retail workers are working shifts of 4 hours and upward, and your mini meltdown will probably not be the first of the day. Before you start to take your stress or anger out on that poor person who happens to cross your path, remember that they probably have dealt with similar situations all day and want to go home, cry, eat 2000 calories and pretend that the day never happened.

“Are you sure you don’t have any more in the back?”

YES. They are 120% positive that they do not have any more in the back. Yes, I get that even if the computer says they are out of a particular item, that you would want them to double check the back. Super fine, happens a lot. BUT, if they come back from the stock room saying there isn’t anymore, my god, please just believe them because they definitely were wishing your size was back there so you would leave happy.


So, there is this common misconception that yelling at a retail worker about the price of an item will somehow miraculously change the price!!! FALSE. They work there, they do not actually create the prices, so instead of making a scene in front of someone who has literally no control, write a nice little email to head office and save that worker a headache! 

Christmas Eve & Boxing Day

Fun fact: NO ONE WANTS TO WORK THOSE DAYS. They are super long hours and that person would probably rather be at home relaxing and celebrating like everyone else. For all you last minute shoppers, don’t take all the stress you have building up on a worker because you decided to leave all of your shopping ‘til literally the last day. They want to be there as much as you do, so why don’t you just bond over the fact that you want to go home.

Gift Boxes

Head office literally only sends a couple of boxes, so when they run out you’re kinda shit out of luck. But instead of freaking out about how you’re going to wrap that weirdly shaped sweater, try the dollar store or other retail stores, because there are always other ways to get what you need!

Fitting Rooms

When you’re trying on half of the store and decide you only want one item, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring all of your rejects to the poor person standing a few feet away folding. Nothing is more annoying than seeing a mountain of clothes when you go to let someone else into that room. Be considerate, just ball it all up and bring it to us!

Cashing people out

There is also the common theme of freaking out when the lines are super long. Just keep in mind most retail stores only have 2-4 tills and monitors, and every single one will be in use during the holiday rush. So yes, there will be lines and that is super annoying, but they also can’t whip another cash register out of thin air!

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