Why You Don’t Have to Go Above and Beyond on Valentine’s Day

I don’t want to sound like I hate Valentine’s Day because I don’t. I think it’s a great holiday to celebrate the people you love. However, I don’t necessarily think that it needs to be as big of a deal as people make it out to be either. To me, Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be about the gifts that you give and receive, it should be about celebrating the people you love... but then again shouldn’t you celebrate the people you love every day?

I know that some people are going to find this article kind of pessimistic or negative but try to hear me out on what I have to say. Speculations say that this holiday didn’t even start as a day focused on love. There are two stories that circulate on the origins of Valentine’s Day. The first one claims that it started because an emperor executed two men who both happened to be named Valentine on February 14 on different years, thousands of years ago. The other source states that the holiday has its origins in a Roman festival that celebrated the coming of spring. Neither of these two things celebrate love, and one of them actually celebrates the opposite. So then why is it that we make such a big deal to celebrate the people we love on only one day a year?

I’m not trying to be pessimistic because everyone loves to know they’re loved by someone, myself included. However, I just don’t think Valentine’s Day has to be as big of a deal as it is. If you love someone, whether it be your mom, your boyfriend or a friend, then tell them all the time. Don’t wait a whole year for Valentine’s Day to roll around again. 

With all that being said, I still think people should go and enjoy their Valentine’s Day with the people they love as much as they can (given the situation that the world is in right now). People don’t need to go above and beyond on Valentine’s Day, most people just want to know that you love and care for them. Valentine’s Day was never and should never be about the gifts. Don’t get me wrong, they’re definitely a nice bonus, but the main focus should be the person that you’re with. So, this Valentine’s Day maybe try cooking a meal together, painting together (or making a painting for each other) or having a movie marathon of all of your favourite movies. There are so many things you can still do with each other, but whatever it is, make sure you do it together!

I believe in love, but I also believe that you don’t have to go above and beyond on Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be the only day you ever go above and beyond for someone else. Make sure you tell the people you love that you love them because with the way the world is going, who knows what could happen next. It always feels like we have more time with the people we love until we don’t. You should still spend the time with the people you love on Valentine’s Day if you can but make sure it’s about the person and not the gifts.


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