Why Songs Like "WAP" Need to Exist

Cardi B and Meg Thee Stallion blessed our ears and hearts with the iconic hit, "WAP", on August third. Since then, it’s been at the brunt end of lots of controversies. According to a woman named DeAnna Lorraine, "WAP" “set the entire female gender back by 100s of years with their disgusting and vile 'WAP' song.” Not only do I blatantly disagree with her (who is she anyway?) but where is the same energy for “vile” songs that men sing? While "WAP" is quite a vulgar song, here are some reasons why I strongly believe it, and others like it, should exist.

1. Men can be vulgar, why can’t women?

You mean to tell me that "WAP" is a problem when so many rappers and singers treat women like literal objects and sex things?? Where is the energy against that? Flo Ride can not-so-subtly sing a whole song on oral sex and no one bats an eye. Drake and Post Malone can talk about women being hoes or sluts and having sex with them, and then it’s women who are scrutinized for also having sex. More often than not, women are identified as a pair of tits more than they are as actual human beings in music. We are things that men “fuck.” You’re telling me, Eminem can talk about tying his “slut’s” arms and legs to the bed and pissing on her, but Cardi talking about being aroused is the issue? (I do love Eminem but he is very vulgar). And this doesn’t even count for a fraction of the other rappers! G Eazy? Ty Dolla Sign?! Women are way too hypersexualized, especially in rap music.

If men can be so vulgar in rap music, why can’t women? Cardi and Meg were just singing about having sex and being wet, no more than what a man would sing about in his rap songs.

2. Women’s pleasure is just as important as men’s

Some people were so angry over Cardi and Meg singing about their sexual desires and arousal, which brings up the stigmatization of women’s arousal. Why is sex and all sexually related things need to have a focus on men? It takes two to tango! Women’s pleasure is just as important as men’s. When having sex, it shouldn’t be a one-sided thing. Also, when talking about sex, why are men applauded for sleeping with so many partners but women are shamed for the same thing? Sexual lives for men and women should be valued equally, and I am really grateful there is a song like "WAP" that talks purely about women’s pleasure.


Why are men so mad? The only part in the song that I could even consider to be them bashing men is when Meg says “if he don’t hang, then he can’t bang.” That’s it. Just that one line. This song is purely about their pleasure when men. MEN ARE GIVING THEM PLEASURE. They are literally singing about how turned on they are by the men they are sleeping with. And the “don’t hang” part…it’s honestly just preferences. Men are allowed to choose women with big boobs or a big butt, or they have to be a certain weight or shape. Now women do this with potential partners too, I know, but preferring a larger dick over a small one isn’t the worst thing a girl could ask for.

I asked my boyfriend about this too, and he thinks that while the song is vulgar that it’s good it was created. He doesn’t feel that men are being dissed in the song at all and quite frankly he blasts it with me in the car!

"WAP" is honestly not that bad of a song when you put it into perspective like this, and it makes me mad that it received so much criticism and controversy when there are so many others, specifically male, rappers doing the same things and being praised. I’m grateful for Cardi and Meg for releasing this song, and I sure hope there is more like this because it’s time for women to take the stage and be more open about sex. Step aside rap music, there’s some hoes in this house.