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Why the Return of Gossip Girl on Netflix is the Best Thing to Happen so far This Year

WARNING!! Spoilers ahead. 

The Gossip Girl return has been EPIC, and if you disagree we are sorry, but you’re wrong! Whether it’s with your girlfriends or binging on your own, there is no denying that the return of Gossip Girl on Netflix has been insane. This return allows us to relive the crazy plot lines, love triangles, and everything else we love about the show. In case you need a reminder, here are a few reasons why Gossip Girl will always be the best. 

Chuck. Bass.

Need we say more? 

How Blair Waldorf is a total savage…and owns it.

Long live Queen B. 

The love triangles 

Dan and Serena, Serena and Nate, Blair and Chuck, Blair and Nate, Blair and Dan, Vanessa and Nate, Vanessa and Chuck, Vanessa, Dan, and Hilary Duff!? We know there’s more, but the list could go on forever. 

Dorota is the GOAT.


Admit it, Dorota is easily the best character on the show. Not only is she loyal to Blair, but she’s a pro-schemer as well. 

 Rufus Humphrey, aka hottest DILF in TV history

Not only is Rufus a great dad, but he’s also very nice to look at.

These are only a few of the countless reasons why the return of Gossip Girl is the best thing to happen to us! With 121 episodes, this will take you at least a couple weeks to binge. The characters, plot and everything else that comes with the show will keep you on your toes.

No one does it like the Upper East Siders, XOXO Gossip Girl. 

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