Why Going Home for the Summer is Bittersweet

Summer break is something every university student looks forward to, but also wishes it would never come. Although the hot weather everyone wishes for arrives, the thought of leaving the place you lived for 8 months is sad. We’re here to list all the relatable things we’re going to miss while we are home for the summer, as well as all the things we won’t, because let’s be real, there are some!

What we’ll miss:

School friends

These are a special type of friends, the ones that are there for you during the blurry nights, stressful days and every single coffee run. And let’s not lie, that’s a lot!

What we’re excited for:

Not living with your roommates

Now don’t get us wrong, we love our roommates, and the 8 months we spend together are always fun! But getting home for the summer and remembering what it’s like to live with your family again is something your roommates can’t compete with.

What we’ll miss:


Whether it’s eating ice cream at 2AM, or making your own appointments, living at school with no parents means complete freedom, and of course lots of responsibility. Learning to be independent is fun and exciting, and something we will for sure miss.

What we’re excited for:

Mom’s cooking!

If you’re like us, you can’t wait to go home and be fed your mom’s home cooked meals every night! By far, this is one of the most exciting things about going home for any break! Mom’s homemade turkey, soup, and dessert are things we can’t live without.

What we’ll miss:


Dallas Friday’s are the day we look forward to Every. Single. Week. We can’t wait to go out and dance to some amazing country music. It’s a time you can’t get anywhere else.

What we’re excited for:

Warm Weather

Going home for the summer means hot weather is coming our way! Leave your snow boots and winter jacket at school, from here on out it’s sunshine and flip flops!

What we’ll miss:

Our school beds

Our school beds are something we have come to love. It’s the place we realistically spend the most amount of time, and will be hard to say goodbye to. They say your bed is your best friend, and we couldn’t agree more.

What we’re excited for:

A break from school work!

Perhaps the most obvious thing we are excited for, a break from the school work we’ve had over these past 8 months!

We love school, and we are sad to go, but we can’t wait for our summer to remember all the things we love about being home, and then come back again! We hope everyone has a fun and safe summer! See you next year in the ‘Loo!!