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Why a Girls Night Out is Good for the Soul

Looking at my time so far in university, when I think about my best, funniest, and craziest memories, a lot of what comes to mind are my nights out with my girlfriends. The main reason I look forward to weekends is because I know my friends and I will finally have free time to see each other and even potentially go out. Life can get so overwhelming with school, jobs, relationships, and a million other things that you forget to make sure you’re spending quality time with some of the most important people in your life. This is why I find having regular girls’ nights so very important for the soul, whether it involves actually going out or even just staying in and spending some quality time together.

I believe in this so firmly that I decided to list the reasons why you should too! Here’s exactly why girls’ nights are something you should incorporate into your life more often.

They’re good for your mental health

I believe that having nights with your girlfriends where you spend time together is ultimately helpful towards achieving an overall healthier mindset. Seeing people you like and hanging out with them improves your mental health because being together puts you in a good mood. It is important to have a certain amount of social activity in your life, and what better way to make sure you’re getting enough human contact than by having a girls’ night? When my friends and I go out there’s usually a lot of dancing involved; when you dance, you release endorphins (and endorphins = happiness). Another thing I constantly do when I’m with my girlfriends is laugh. When we get together, we practically laugh nonstop the entire time. It’s also a chance to vent to the people who most likely understand what you’re going through and can give you advice and support. Seeing your friends and doing something fun together can relieve you from stress that might be coming from other aspects of your life. I know that if I haven’t done anything with my friends in a while I can start to feel a bit down or lonely. Throwing in a girls’ night is the perfect solution to that problem.

They’re a break from responsibilities

As a student, there are some weeks in my life that I am hectically busy. Sometimes it feels hard to just find the time to do simple things, like go to the gym or watch a movie. On top of all the homework we have to do, some people have full or part-time jobs, play on sports teams, and are a part of clubs, etc. With all these very important responsibilities, it is easy to brush off making time to go out with your girlfriends every so often. We all need to remember there is a healthy balance that needs to exist and that even if your schedule feels pretty full already, try to squeeze in some time to be around your friends. It’ll take off some of the pressure you feel from everything else you have going on. You can make sure to make plans with your friends in a smart way, so that you get everything you need to do done on time and then hangout as a mini celebration that you got through a tough school week. Another thing girls’ nights can give you a break from is your relationship. Many of my friends have come to the realization that sometimes when we’re in a relationship, we don’t spend as much time with our friends as we should. When you have a significant other, you can get wrapped up in spending time with them and forget about the other people in your life who want to see you too! Putting effort into seeing your friends while in a relationship is important because they were there before that person was in your life and if the relationship ends, they would still be there as well.

It’s the best time of your life to do so

Being in university means that you either most likely live with most/all of your best friends, or at least nearby them. This probably isn’t going to be the case once you graduate. Having your friends live so close means easy access and easy planning. In the future, it may be much more of a struggle to get everyone together and find a date that works for each person. While we all have many responsibilities on our plate at this point in our lives, years from now those responsibilities may be majorly amplified. Down the road, once we have a family, a career, etc. it’s not going to be as easy to make time with our friends and do things together. You may not even be interested in dressing up and going out once those things come into your life. We’re young and the time is now! Personally, I like to feel like I’m living my life to the fullest and a part of university is making great memories with your friends, so I believe now is the best time of our lives to do exactly that. When you go out you can meet new people and make even more friends! In addition, if you’re single (and looking to mingle!!!!) going out with your girlfriends means you have multiple wing women to help you with exactly that.

Ally Chesham

Wilfrid Laurier '20

Ally Chesham is a 4th year student at Wilfrid Laurier University. She is majoring in Political Science, minoring in Sociology, and working towards a Legal Studies option as well.
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