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Why Corinne’s Life is Everything You’ve Ever Wanted

Corinne has been declared this season’s villain on The Bachelor. As much as she provided comic relief on the show, people secretly loved her. When you look at her, it’s not all that bad to aspire to be her.


She is part of a multi-million dollar company

She’s confident

She’s in a Juicy J & 2 Chainz video

(1:48 mark)

She has a “platinum vagine”

She’s not afraid to be herself

She’s a nap enthusiast

She’s basically a Paris Hilton in the making, and she even knew it in high school

She has her priorities straight

She has big plans

She’s confident with her sexuality

Everyone loves her

In the end, she might have been the most controversial candidate this season, but she’s got it good and we’re all secretly jealous of the cheese pasta-eating contestant. Until next time, Corinne.

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