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Why Black Friday and Cyber Monday Shopping are Stressful

It’s that time of year again when shopping becomes the most stressful thing in your life.  The end of American Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the end- of shopping.  Black Friday and Cyber Monday- the four most stress-inducing words you will hear the entire month of November.  If you rely on Black Friday and Cyber Monday to begin or complete your holiday shopping, think again.  Keep reading to find out why Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping is such a stressful experience.  

Waking Up Early

Whether it’s Black Friday or Cyber Monday, you’ve gotta be ready to get up and at em early in the AM to get everything you need before it sells out.  Waking up early is the death of me, so thinking about sacrificing my sleep to get the best deals of the year is seriously stressful (first world problems). 


Cue the hella huge crowds on Black Friday.  It’s like everyone from everywhere stopped what they were doing and came to the mall to get crazy deals and their holiday shopping done.  Malls on Black Friday are the equivalent of a zoo- a chaotic zoo where animals are let loose and it’s everyone for themselves.  If you’re not into massive crowds of people pushing into one another to grab stuff off the shelves, avoid Black Friday shopping at. all. costs.  Luckily, Cyber Monday avoids this fiasco, but you gotta be ready to get what you want as soon as the site opens to avoid buyer’s remorse.


Oh, the planning.  Tons of planning goes into Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping.  You have to scope out the stores, make sure you know what items you want (you don’t want to be that person who stresses out about finding stuff amid all the mayhem), and make sure you have a game plan for the day.  Make sure your phone is charged (in case you get separated, thanks to the crowds), and get everyone you’re with on board with making a list of stores you need to go to.  This process can be super stressful, but if you plan ahead, you’ll be good to go!  

Shopping Carts

Online or in-store, make sure you know what’s going into your shopping cart!  Plan ahead and know what you’re buying so you don’t get stressed in the moment.  Online shopping may be easier for this, but make sure you’re quick with your mouse since sh*t sells out fast! UGH, the stress of it all


Black Friday is one crazy day, and I’ve got tips to make sure you have a successful day of super shopping.  


Food is going to be your fuel on Black Friday so make sure you pack snacks for the experience.  Ain’t nobody got time to wait in Food Court lines when there’s shopping to be done!  Also- stay hydrated! Stop at Starbucks before you get to the mall or bring a bottle of water.  Grab your purse and stock up on the drinks and snacks girl, the shopping can’t wait!  


Wear comfy clothes.  I cannot stress this enough.  You’ll thank me when you need to quickly try on clothes or run from one side of the mall to the other.  Runners, sweats, all good options.  Wearing anything tight or with a heel will just add to the stress of the experience.  Anything that can be easily changed out of and is super chill and comfy will be a definite bonus. 

Black Friday and Cyber Monday can be a crazy and stressful experience but if you plan ahead and follow these tips and tricks, you’ll be a pro at super shopping.  Good luck collegiettes!

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