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If you are like me, the mystery of the Scranton Strangler in the hit series The Office probably had you itching to know who it actually was. According to Toby, who served on the jury, alleged Strangler George Howard Skrub was innocent. Then, who could it be?


Right off the bat, Creed Bratton seems like a prime suspect. Throughout the show, Creed does some incredibly creepy and questionable things. For starters, the man doesn’t want to disclose his real age or makes it seem as though he doesn’t remember. During one of the Halloween parties, Creed shows up covered in blood and expresses to the film crew his gratitude for the holiday. I’d say, though Creed has most definitely murdered someone, I don’t think he is capable of being a serial killer with his behaviour. Creed doesn’t show any signs of weird obsessions or a thirst for power per se. Creed is just too silly a person to be a serial killer, at least of this kind.


Toby Flenderson, Dunder Mifflin’s one-man HR department, is known to have a sad demeanour and is relentlessly belittled by Michael. Throughout the show, the audience discovers that Jim Halpert isn’t the only one that has the hots for Pam Beesly. In several failed attempts, Toby tries to express his feelings to Pam. His constant inability to do so, along with Pam’s feelings for Jim, results in the couple getting together. Now, I’m sure everyone has heard in their high school psychology classes that serial killers don’t tend to have a happy life.

There is also the Car Theory. The entire office gathers around a television to watch the police chase after the supposed Scranton Strangler. Many point out that the same car the Strangler was driving during the chase is often seen in the parking lot of the office and also the fact that Toby is the only one that is not there.

Not to mention the fact that Toby states that he expressed feeling guilt over putting an innocent man in jail. Due to this guilt, Toby even goes to the prison to “attempt to befriend” the guy he helped convict. BUT, did Toby really get attacked by Skrub or was it an act so that it would rule his innocence and prove Skrub actually is the Strangler?

It gets really fishy when we factor in that Toby repeatedly brings up the trial any chance he gets. Why would anyone that got away with something keep bringing attention back to it? Besides that though, all of this does make him a prime suspect.


Now, when Dwight Schrute was first introduced to viewers, he wasn’t immediately a fan favourite. Slowly but surely, this whack-job eventually won our hearts. Dwight’s obsessive and control-driven behaviour makes it possible that he may, in fact, be a serial killer. He often talks about the food chain and has no problem killing animals since he has done it before. Sure, Dwight can stomach more gruesome things than the rest of the office, but I don’t think this makes him a suspect in the case of the Scranton Strangler.


Gabe Lewis is introduced to the show when Sabre buys out Dunder Mifflin. Coincidentally, that is when the Scranton Strangler was introduced to the show and you know, started strangling people. If you haven’t noticed, Gabe displays some seriously messed up behaviour. He constantly shows a need for power and relishes any chance he gets despite how often he is made fun of. Gabe also seems to have an obsession with horror movies. In season eight, episode five entitled Spooked, Gabe expressed his love for the “cinema of the unsettling.” Gabe also snaps several times, for example, when yells at Andy to “shut up about the sun.”

He also obsesses over Erin. Strangling for Gabe, as pointed out by many theorists like me, may be a form of taking control of how and when his victims die. As seen throughout the show and as I’ve mentioned before, Gabe loves being in control especially when he is allowed subordinates.

After careful consideration, I personally think Gabe Lewis is the Scranton Strangler, but I’m still considering Toby thanks to the Car Theory. Do you still believe it’s someone else? Did I miss a theory and you really want to discuss it? Feel free to reach out!

Priya Butter

Wilfrid Laurier '24

Priya is a student at Wilfrid Laurier University pursuing an Honours BA in Global Studies. Along with being a writer, Priya is a passionate dancer and advocate. Check out other work by Priya by visiting thedeconstructedsociety.ca !