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What Your Go-To Study Snack Says About You

Fact: Study snacks are a key factor to academic success. You always know that no matter how much work you must do in a night, your study snack will help you through it. Maybe you find comfort in keeping the same snack that you’ve consumed since elementary school, or maybe you like to switch it up. Whatever the case may be, your choice of study snack says a lot about your personality.

Popcorn: You’re Spontaneous

Those of you who love a good bag of buttery popcorn tend to get a little distracted during studying … but you always finish your work in the end. Besides, it’s not even your fault – nobody wants a buttery keyboard, so when eating popcorn, it’s only natural to take a break. Yes, sometimes your little popcorn breaks turn into not-so-little Netflix breaks, but that’s okay. If you love popcorn, you are the friend that always says “yes” to opportunities and somehow always ends up making new friends when you go out.

Dark Chocolate: You’re Organized

If you love dark chocolate, you know what must be done and when. You probably have a detailed planner and have figured out how to get all your homework done in time to go out to dinner with your girls and still go to bed at a reasonable hour. You make time for your mental and physical health, and everyone knows that you’re one of the most dependable people out there. You’re a great friend to call for a pep talk.

Cereal: You’re Ambitious

It’s midnight, and you’re going to be up super late perfecting your club executive position application, so what do you reach for? Cereal, naturally. Everyone knows that nothing wakes up a tired brain like cold milk, and that makes it perfect for fueling your impressive work ethic. If you have cereal when you’re studying, you’re CEO material and are probably juggling five clubs, an internship and still managing to crush all your classes.

Chips (Specifically Dill Pickle Flavoured): You’re the Life of the Party

You know how the flavour is never evenly distributed throughout the chip bag, and so you never really know what you’re getting into when you bite into a chip? Well, that’s kind of like you. You love your nights out and everyone can count on you to liven up a social event. If your friends are bored at home after a long school day, you’re the first person they call when making plans, because you always are down to have fun.

Cheese Strings: You’re Awesome

A personal favourite for me and my roommate– cheese strings are the best snacks to ever exist, meaning that you have good taste. Refreshing, cheesy and peelable, cheese strings will get you through any midterm study session. Another plus is that they score quite low on the messiness scale, providing a lovely study experience.

Don’t worry, no judgement here. What works for you, works for you. School is hard and whatever gets you through it is great. But seriously, try the cheese strings – you won’t regret it.

Kate Price

Wilfrid Laurier '26

Kate is a business administration (BBA) student at Wilfred Laurier University. While business has always been what she wanted to study, she has a passion for writing about all things beauty, pop culture, true crime, and health and wellness. You can usually find Kate watching a new Netflix documentary or hanging out with her two dogs, Mabel and Gracie.
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