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What You Need to Know About Joining a Sorority at Laurier

The beginning of each school year brings many new opportunities and experiences for students, regardless of if they’re in their first or final year. For some, joining a sorority is at the top of their list of things to do when they return to school, while for others, it’s at the bottom. If you’ve decided to get involved with recruitment at Laurier this year, there are a few things to keep in mind, consider, and remember.

It’s an overwhelming experience, so take it one step at a time.

Laurier isn’t like a lot of schools. Sorority recruitment isn’t governed by a campus-wide Panhellenic Council. In cases like this, those choosing to explore Greek Life experience all sororities at the same time. There is a schedule of events that all sororities present at, and Potential New Members (PNM’s) get to experience and compare what might be their correct fit at the same time. At Laurier, each group hosts their events separately. If you’re looking at multiple sororities, which we encourage, it is important to coordinate attendance to recruitment events.

Everyone is looking for their mutual best fit.

What I mean by this, is while sisters are recruiting girls that exemplify what it is like to be a member of their sorority, you as a PNM should be considering what each sorority has to offer you, and which one best suits your personal beliefs. Sororities represent different charitable endeavours, live by different mottos, and provide unique environments. All of these values are discussed at events during recruitment week, therefore taking note allows you to compare your options, and consider where you see yourself having the best experience possible.

It isn’t a competition.

While every sorority is looking to recruit new members each school year, they are looking to provide the best individual experience to their new members. Since everyone has a unique background and wants something different from their sorority experience, all sororities are aware that potential new members are checking out other groups as well. It is important to consider all options, as you are looking for the sorority that best suits you. Do not be afraid to consider all options when considering joining a sorority. It will only enhance your experience, as it will give you the opportunity to find what suits you best.

Make sure you actually compare groups.

As I’ve already mentioned, everyone is looking for their mutual best fit. During recruitment week as a PNM, you will be provided with information on the history of the sororities on campus, how they contribute to the school and local community, the events they put on to raise awareness, and so many other things. When listening to these presentations and participating in activities, be sure to take mental note of what stands out for you with each group. 

Greek Life at Laurier strictly prohibits hazing.

Sororities and fraternities across North America have been given a bad reputation by the media. While some things you see in movies reflect the experience of sorority girls in America, Canadian sororities, and especially those at Laurier, represent groups of women who come together to empower each other, give back to the community, and make lifelong friendships. Hazing is a prohibited act within the Laurier Greek community. Greek Life at Laurier is an established safe place for members of the community to become the best version of themselves. 

Don’t forget to enjoy it.

Recruitment is one of the best times of the year for sororities. They get to inspire new members to find their passion for something bigger than themselves. It is so important to be yourself in this experience; the rest does itself. Sisters are looking at PNM’s for who they are, the things that make them who they are, and how that could fit into the sorority’s value system. While the recruitment period is fun for sorority members, it’s meant to be fun for the girls being recruited too. Embrace the attention you get from all of the girls looking to get to know you, be enthusiastic about getting out of your comfort zone, and have the absolute most fun possible.

After all, you get out of something what you put into it. So, make it count!

Happy recruitment week!

Jenna Weishar

Wilfrid Laurier

Fourth year, 20-something year old Psychology and Sociology Major at Wifrid Laurier University. Sorority Girl. Lover of Grey's Anatomy, the Bachelor/Bachelorette, and Sex and the City. Relies heavily on caffeine to get through the day, and wine at night. Follow me on Instagram: @jennaweishar and Twitter: @jennaweishar
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