What to Keep in Your Bag in Case of an Emergency

Sometimes being stuck at school or work can feel awful, especially if you’re having a bad day or just feel like you’re down on your luck. The worst kind of days are when you have a problem and know that the problem could easily be solved if you were just at home, but you can’t leave yet. Keeping a personalized emergency pouch in your bag can make you feel better, even just temporarily, knowing that several problems can be solved in a moment’s time. Here are some items to keep in your emergency bag to combat common issues.


The first group of items to keep in your bag, potentially the most important, are medications. This includes any medications you have to take during the day, whether it’s birth control or allergy relief, as well as light pain medication to help relieve any physical pain you experience during the day. This could include Tylenol, Advil or Midol. Just make sure to take the proper dosage if you do end up taking anything. I know how awful it can feel to have to sit through a lecture with a massive headache - having medication on you can help solve this, at least temporarily.

Comfort items

The next group of items is called “comfort items.” These are items that you will be grateful to keep on you. They will either help keep you smelling fresh or feeling comfortable to conquer the day. These include a travel stick deodorant (an absolute must for days when you are in such a rush that you forget to apply it), a hair tie, lip balm, lotion and, of course, pads and/or tampons. The pads and tampons are a must even if you do not have periods because you never know when a friend might go through the terrifying experience of realizing they’ve gotten their period early with no protection.

As an honorary mention, I’d also like to recommend keeping mints/gum on you. It will definitely keep you feeling confident and stop you from spending five dollars on a pack of gum every time you forget. Also, it will taste good - another bonus! If you’re looking for new brands to try, I’d recommend aspartame-free brands such as Pür and Glee.

The sick

The final group of items is called “the sick” because they’re for when you are really sick! I’m talking about those moments when you’re already at school, there’s no time to get home and you just feel gross. Your stomach hurts, you feel queasy and you know that something is just very wrong. Now, you could go home or you could stay at school, but if you do decide to stay, there are a few items that could really help you manage the day: Pepto Bismol and Gravol. Pepto Bismol is famously known for its bubble-gum-pink colour and it works to comfort upset stomachs while Gravol is used to treat nausea. However, both should be used with caution and always make sure to read the label before taking any medication.

Part of “the sick” also includes sick-prevention items such as hand sanitizer, Kleenex and band-aids, all of which can help prevent the spread of illnesses or infections. In a crowded place like Laurier, the best protection from getting sick is constantly washing your hands or using your own hand sanitizer, which you will conveniently have on you after creating your own emergency kit.

While keeping an emergency kit on you won’t solve all of your problems, it will add a little relief to chaotic days and will make you feel better knowing that you are at least a little prepared for what the day throws at you.