What It’s Like to Be That Friend Who Makes Inappropriate Jokes

Are you known as the friend who makes offside jokes? Sometimes you take jokes a little too far and it makes things awkward. Or, sometimes you take things too far but get a lot of laughs out of your jokes. Well, I am that person. I am the one who makes those jokes. So naturally, I’ve come up with a few situations about what it’s like to be that friend who always makes inappropriate jokes.

The toughest decision in your life: to say the joke or not.

You think of the best comeback, or the best joke, but you contemplate whether or not you should say it. Sometimes by the time you decide on it, it’s too late.

Meeting friends of your friends doesn’t always go as planned.

You forget that new people don’t know your sense of humour yet, and make a joke that they don’t understand.

Sometimes even people who know you don’t laugh at your jokes.

9/10 times I’m the only one laughing at my own jokes.

Being the only one to laugh in awkward situations.

You tend to laugh in the worst of situations, especially when people cry (or is that only me?).

Making inappropriate jokes in inappropriate settings.

Have you ever made an inappropriate joke in a job interview? Me neither, but that would be hilarious…or awful…to be determined.


You laugh at something because you took it in an inappropriate way.

We’ve all been there: someone says something, and you laugh because your mind is stuck in the gutter.

~Wheeling~ can be difficult.

What if they don’t understand the joke? What if they think you’re strange? In my opinion, if they don’t laugh at most of your jokes, they’re not worth it.

If these apply to you, just know you’re not alone. Keep making jokes, getting laughs, and stay golden.