WFH Outfit Ideas to Get You Out of Your Pajamas

How has your daily routine changed since the pandemic began? It can be overwhelming to navigate these unfamiliar territories but answering the age-old question “what should I wear today?” doesn’t have to be.

While it’s tempting to lounge around in bed while you watch your 10 a.m. Zoom lecture, it’s probably not the greatest way to ace your studies. We’re stuck inside all day, so why not add dressing up to your routine to get you back to some sort of normal. You will definitely feel more motivated, energized and productive to take on all sorts of WFH routines.

Ditch the jeans and “comfortable” flat shoes other blogs are telling you to wear this never-ending WFH season and opt for something that is comfortable, chic and totally university student approved.

The best part? You probably already own all these items in your closet!

Loungewear, but make it fashion

I used to be hesitant about loungewear pre-COVID, but nowadays, it’s basically my everyday go-to. Try pairing an oversized t-shirt or sweatshirt with a pair of bike shorts. You can also try pairing a cropped tank top with a slouchy or more fitted pair of sweatpants. You could even go for a matching sweatshirt and pants look! These outfit combos play with body proportion and will make your comfy loungewear look like the trendy influencers on Instagram. Your pajamas but upgraded.

Button up, button down

Dress shirts don’t have to be for business casual only. Try a looser fit rather than the fitted blue-striped one you haven’t touched since your last job interview or business presentation. Throw it on like you would with a cardigan or button it up - leave it be, tuck it in or tie it up.

The “I might not be wearing pants” look

Pants can be so overrated. Throw on a t-shirt dress or the very large oversized t-shirt you thrifted for the ultimate comfortable look. Style it with a large cardigan, flannel shirt or denim jacket.

Top it off with a blazer or knit

Throw on a blazer if you’ve got a fancier Zoom call to attend or get cozy in a thick knit cardigan to up your comfy game. Pair with a basic tank or silk camisole top for that chic, blogger look.

Cool girl statement pants

Making a statement doesn’t have to feel uncomfortable. Some of my most fashionable bottoms are comfortable (and definitely more comfortable than jeans). They’ve got the comfort of sweats but the style level of fancy pants. A pair of patterned trousers, knitted palazzo pants or culottes will up your game.

Bonus: Add some minimal jewelry to tie it all together

Some simple jewelry can make all the difference to turn your outfit from basic to a signature look. Add a necklace and a couple of dainty rings (I recommend gold tones) as a part of your everyday staples. Some of my favourites include Mejuri, Harmony by Earthwinds (located in Uptown Waterloo) and Etsy.