Ways to Strengthen Your Bond with Your Partner

Are you looking for ways that you can improve your relationship this Valentine's season? Look no further for some tips!

Do a Love Language Test

Take turns taking the same quiz or google a bunch of quizzes, do them and compare your results. Not only will this help you understand yourself, but it will also help you find ways in which you can help make your partner feel loved. Understanding the ways in which your partner communicates their love will help you show your affection for them in ways that speak to them. Our love languages stem from personal experiences and our innermost desires – they’re simply ways that we would like to be told that someone loves us!

Learn About Your Attachment Styles

Learning about your attachment styles can shine a light on the ways in which you and your partner build and find meaningful connections. This will help all parties involved understand how it is that the other develop their connection to their loved ones. Knowing each other’s attachment style will help you further your intimacy levels and maybe even help unlock levels of your relationship that you didn’t know were there!

Create a Routine for the Two of You

In any relationship, communication and quality time are necessary to keep the same if not an increased level of closeness with one another. Create some sort of schedule to help find a time in your busy schedules for you folks to sit together and have those wonderful heart-to-heart moments. Maybe it’s having a date once or twice a month. These dates could be at home, the park, anywhere!

Learn Each Other’s Boundaries

This one is SUPER important. You need to know what your partner is okay with and what they’re not okay with. This could mean in the bedroom, emotional boundaries or anything else you can think of. This way, you will also be able to find some red flags, if there are any. Learning about each other’s boundaries helps you communicate what makes you comfortable and find ways in which you can further one another’s comfort levels. Communication is key!

Co-Regulate on a Regular Basis

I like this one a lot. Not only because it forces everyone in the relationship to shut up and focus on one another, but it also increases the happy hormone inside of you while strengthening levels of intimacy. All you have to do is turn everything off, sit across from one another, hold hands and stare into each other’s eyes for five minutes. You’ll notice some intense and sometimes passionate feelings almost right away! While co-regulating, you might also notice that your anxiety levels might lower as well. Who knew love could help us in this way?

Talk About Your Relationship!!!

This one is VITAL. You need to talk about where your relationship stands, where it’s going and everything in between. Something I like to remember is that if you’re not dating for love, you’re dating for heartbreak – either your own or someone else’s. Discussing your relationship in a calm and collected manner will help you find out what is working for you and what isn’t. If you know what isn’t working, you can work on it together to make it better!

There are so many options that can help strengthen your bond. In the end, you need to trust each other. Communicate often. Be honest. And please, for the love of fudge, avoid yelling matches at all costs. I’m no relationship expert, but you should be sitting down and working out your problems together. It’s the relationship versus the problem, not you versus them!

This lovey-dovey season, be sure to remind your boo(s) how much you value and appreciate them! Good luck. ;)