Watch this 85 year-old Grandmother Make a Snow Angel!

Hear that? It’s the sound of cold frozen hearts around the world melting…

An intimate moment was captured on video when Betty Ritchie fulfilled her simple birthday wish of creating a snow angel. The Facebook video, which was posted on January 30th, shows Betty’s daughter and son-in-law helping her down to the ground to lie in the snow.

Here you can watch this adorable video that’s guaranteed to help you rid of any winter blues: Sherry Proper Spangler/Facebook

The video was originally intended for family and friends, but has gone on to reach more than one million people. Betty has told NBC that she’s glad she was able to bring such joy to so many people, but wanted to make it clear she did not make the video for attention.

Sherry Spangler, the daughter who uploaded the video to her Facebook page, admits that her mom has always had a playful personality. In fact, the recent grandmother once used to partake in snow day activities with her own six children.

"She was the kind of mom who always went sled riding with us; she always went swimming with us. She wasn't the kind of mom who just sat around," Spangler claims, "and every time it would snow, she'd say, 'Come on, we'll make snow angels.' That's just what we always did. We still do, even us big kids."

Betty has been unofficially dubbed “Betty Snow-Angel”, and the nickname certainly fits! She’s a great reminder that no matter your age, it’s important to stay a child at heart.

Just heavenly!