University Life as Told by Tina Belcher

When Bob’s Burgers was recently added to Netflix I started binging it hard, and upon doing so, I realized that I’ve never related to a TV show character more than Tina Belcher. I think that as students we can all agree with that, and here’s just a few ways in which our favourite monotone teenager sums up the university experience perfectly.

When you hit the bookstore for the first time in a while.

So many new cute things, and yes, I do need a fourteenth t-shirt with my school’s logo on it.

When you have to get up for an 8:30 class.

Nobody likes morning class.

When you stayed up all night doing assignments and have class in 10 minutes.

Let’s face it, coffee is a student’s best friend.

When you’re in the middle of hell week and there’s no end in sight.

Three essays, two midterms, 300 pages of reading and group projects? BRB, dying…

When the prof is about to end class without assigning homework, but that one girl asks if there’s any.

We were THIS close, sweetheart… and you had to ruin it.

When you get brave enough to sit by the cutie in your class who you’ve been eyeing all semester.

Am I being subtle? Probably not…

When someone in your class has a guide dog in training and you know you can’t pet them.

Not being able to pet a cute puppy is the biggest form of torture known to university students.

When you get a good grade but you’re still trying to be humble.

But inside I’m really not very humble… heck yes I aced that test! I pretty much am a hero.

When you finally make it through another semester and can let loose after exams are over.

The best feeling, TBH, and the best way to celebrate is by letting loose and busting a move.