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The Ultimate St. Patty’s Day Survival Kit

The anticipation is building for the beloved St. Patrick’s Day on March 17th, and as you know, Laurier will be rocking their green and doing it right! Whether you’re going to the tent party, heading to Ezra, or are planning to start your day after a few classes, we want you to be prepared! Many of you will want to squeeze every minute of celebrating out of the day so we created a survival guide so you can make it through the day.

“Kiss Me I’m a Golden Hawk” Shirt

This is a Laurier favourite and will be seen all over campus on St. Patrick’s Day. Make sure you’re sporting your shirt and any other green clothing you can find to get in the spirit of this holiday!


We don’t need to remind you to pack some drinks, but the ones you may forget are the necessities for the day such as a water bottle, Gatorade, or Vitamin Water. Keep yourself hydrated!

The Extra Pairs

Golden Hawks, it is still March, and that means that it is still freezing outside, Spending a bunch of hours in the freezing temperatures will leave your body needing some warming up! An extra pair of socks for later in the day when the first pair is cold and wet, will do wonders! An extra pair of shoes for the evening will also be essential, as you won’t want to wear the same ones to the bar!


St. Patrick’s day is a marathon rather than a sprint, so you are going to need some nutrients and food to snack on throughout the day as you get hungry. Pack some granola bars, maybe some fruit and some munchies to keep your stomach happy throughout the day!

A Blanket

A little R&R is always needed after such a busy day celebrating with friends! Make sure to pack a blanket and catch a couple z’s in the afternoon to get you recharged and ready for new adventures!

Green Accessories

One of our favourite things about St. Patrick’s day are all the adorable and cute accessories to really make your outfit a statement. Make sure all your cute finds are packed and ready to be rocked all day long!


Makeup & Face Wash

After a full day of celebrating, the best feeling will be washing your face off and re-applying your makeup! Help yourself to feel revitalized and fresh as you head into the second portion of your day!

Cash and ID

If you have plans to be heading out on St. Patty’s night then make sure you have your ID packed and cash for the bar, as well as to grab something to eat ahead of time.

Good luck preparing for St. Patrick’s Day, Golden Hawks! We hope that you have fun and stay safe this holiday!

You can typically find katy cuddled up with her favourite blankie, under the twinkle lights, drinking some peppermint tea and listening to Ben Howard. She spends her evenings switching between gushing over wedding videos and catching up on some Gilmore Girls. She loves her little nephew, everything knit, & all things with sparkles. Contributor writer for HerCampus Laurier.
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