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The Ultimate Guide to Starbuck’s Coffee Menu

September 29th marks National Coffee Day! We all appreciate the one thing that that is essential to help us through some rough mornings and is key to letting us get away with procrastinating – yes, I am talking to those of you who pull all-nighters. However, coffee is genuinely an art, and there are a variety to choose from. It can certainly be overwhelming when you want to try something new but don’t know what. So, to help you out, here is a breakdown of the different types of coffees to suit your different moods!


Mood: Feeling lazy but need a pick-me-up

Regular Cup of Joe

Brewed or drip coffee is a staple for any coffee drinker as it is cheap, while still managing to wake you up, so you can tackle your day head on. You can get different blends depending on how you like the taste of your coffee. A helpful hint: the darker the coffee, the more bitter.

Tips to Upgrade

You can add different types of syrups, such as caramel or toffee nut, to add sweetness rather than plain old sugar. You can also use dairy alternatives, such as coconut or almond milk, to lighten the drink up!


Mood: Overheating and tired

Cold Brew

Cold brew is the perfect alternative to hot brewed coffee when you need to wake up but aren’t feeling a piping hot cup. It is also a tad sweeter, as it is brewed for a longer period of time, so make sure to keep that in mind if you like a more bitter taste!

Tips to Upgrade

Ask for “Cali-style” at Starbucks for caramel drizzle all over the cup to add even more sweetness!


Mood: I need to be awake RIGHT NOW!


An espresso shot is the perfect way to get caffeine without all the fuss. You will feel more awake in a short period of time and will not wear out for many hours. Caution: it is extremely bitter – even those that like the taste of black coffee may think so! Many use espresso as a pre-workout as it’s a quick energizer.

Tip to Upgrade

Ask for Espresso Con Panna- they will add a dollop of whipped cream for a sweeter experience!


Mood: Wanting Something Extra 


Americano is a shot of espresso that has double the water to dilute the boldness of a straight espresso shot, for a more tolerable experience. Although watered down, it is still a strong drink that will definitely wake you up.

Tips to Upgrade

Try it iced, as many find it less bitter when it’s cold! You can also ask for it shaken for a slight foam on top.

Mood: I want something to sip on while reading/studying/chilling


Made with a 60 mL shot of espresso and topped with 300 mL steamed milk, a latte is the creamiest espresso drink, perfect for a casual sip. A flat white is a type of latte that is a lot bolder if you’re feeling something rich and slightly bitter.

Tips to Upgrade

Sub the classic latte with any flavor you desire, from vanilla, caramel, Chai or Matcha… the possibilities are endless!  


Mood: Need to stay awake but want something light and sweet


This is the drink that once took over Tumblr. The espresso slowly mixing in with the milk makes for a perfect photo op, especially iced. Although the traditional way to make a macchiato is with a shot of espresso and steamed milk, Starbucks instead does a 2:1 ratio. Two parts steamed milk infused with vanilla and one espresso shot topped with caramel drizzle to create a sweet and creamy drink that will compensate for the lack of sleep you’ve had.


Tips to Upgrade

Add an extra shot of espresso for a bigger kick, or you can add vanilla bean powder as a sub for classic syrup if you’re getting the drink hot, for a more gourmet feel.  

Mood: Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice… but no pumpkin please


A mocha is made with a 2:2:1 ratio with espresso, chocolate and steamed milk, topped with whipped cream. This creates an indulging drink that will satisfy your sweet tooth and your caffeine needs.


Tips to Upgrade

Ask for a bigger cup size and extra whipped cream, because you can never have too much whipped cream (i.e. a grande in a venti cup). Also, you can ask for a white chocolate mocha for a less intense chocolate flavor!

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